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Important Series on Korean Adoptees and their Families

Conducive Chronicle published by Conducive Magazine did an interesting an important series on Korean adoption earlier this week. Anyone interested in inter-country adoptions and what happens as the kids grow up should take the time to read through the series. There are a number of reasons Korea is such an important case study, from it […]

Amici dei Bambini petition denied, Romanian adoptions to remain closed

In a week that has been filled with plenty of legislative bad news on the adoption front domestically, I figured a brief post on this little bit of good news was in order. Despite the petition efforts of an Italian adoption agency to reopen Romanian inter-country adoptions to a broader set of would-be-adopters, for now […]

A note concerning adoptees with sealed records, not in reunion, and the census

Now it’s in OUR hands, Bastards! I’ve been getting a ton of questions from fellow Bastards and the non-adopted alike about how adoptees from sealed records situations handle some of the questions on the census form, particularly those relating to, for example, what we would put down for “race?” I have my own concerns pertaining […]

ACTION ALERT- ILLINOIS BILL – HB 5428, Contact State Senators TODAY, ask them to vote “No”!

Illinois HB 5428 is scheduled to reach the state Senate tomorrow, Tuesday March 23  where it will be awaiting committee assignment and assigned a Senate bill number. Please contact Illinois state Senators ASAP to urge them to vote “NO” on this destructive, anti-adoptee bill. HB 5428 is being marketed as a bill that would give […]

High profile “Baby Jenny” (or “baby Jean”) manages to avoid an American adoption, set to be returned to parents

It’s taken me a few days, but this post has been brewing for some time now. Baby Jean or Baby Jenny’s journey makes for a kind of a real case study in just how much of the South Florida child care system has been outsourced to a variety of religious subcontractors, and how despite how […]

Action Alert- Stop New Jersey S799, NJ Senate Vote scheduled for Monday

New Jersey’s horribly botched bill S799, (formerly A752, which I blogged about last December, New Jersey- let A752 die: the conflation of family medical history with authentic restored access, white outs, and preemptive restraining orders among other nightmare senarios) is scheduled to come before the New Jersey Senate on Monday (March 22nd, 2010.) See the […]

Haiti- The 33 New Life missionaries collected kids to be reunited with their families

The kids the New Life missionary scavengers attempted to bus from Citron and  Calebasse to the Dominican Republic have been staying in an SOS Children’s Village  since January 30th, the day after the aborted child export attempt on Jan 29th. Today news came that the kids will be returned to their families. According to the […]

Several of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent pieces relating to Ethiopian adoptions

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC’s) Foreign Correspondent programe did a special report on corruption in American adoptions from Ethiopia last Autumn which featured Christian World Adoption Agency (be sure to note that CWA’s Founder, Tomilee Harding, is a former President of the Joint Council of International Children’s Services): Fly Away Children, Broadcast: 09/15/2009 In Australia, […]

Haiti- New Charge brought against Laura Silsby, “organization of irregular trips”

(Blog housekeeping note- Doing multiple posts today, please read down through my previous post as well.) An important new development out of Haiti today, Laura Silsby, “Executive Director and Founder” of New Life Chidren’s Refuge and its botched “Haiti Orphan Rescue Plan” (link opens a PDF) is facing an additional charge tonight. She is already […]

George England’s purchased Vietnamese “adopted daughter’s” allegations of sexual abuse lead to FL charges

See Southern California child molester faces new charges in Florida Members of the media watch a Florida FBI videotaped interview from March 8, 2010, of Jackie Zudis, an alleged victim of George England, as she describes living and being abused by England for over 20 years, Thursday, March 11, 2010, in Santa Ana, Calif. (AP […]