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Several of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent pieces relating to Ethiopian adoptions

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC’s) Foreign Correspondent programe did a special report on corruption in American adoptions from Ethiopia last Autumn which featured Christian World Adoption Agency (be sure to note that CWA’s Founder, Tomilee Harding, is a former President of the Joint Council of International Children’s Services):
Fly Away Children, Broadcast: 09/15/2009
In Australia, due to [...]


The CARE-tastrophe continues unabated.
Just when you thought the mess out in California couldn’t get any stupider, AB 372 now apparently is projected to come with an 8 million dollar start up cost.
Yes, you read that right $8 million, even as California is in the depths of fiscal crisis and budget hearings. (It’s really impossible to [...]

Announcing SECA- Stop Encouraging Child Abandonment, working to repeal the legalized child abandonment laws

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Last Friday, December 5th, 2008, the SECA web-page finally went live. (
SECA, short for “Stop Encouraging Child Abandonment,” is a concept that has been a long time coming.
From the first of the legalized child abandonment laws passed in 1999 until now, efforts to repeal and stop the dump laws have [...]