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Australia grapples with surrogacy & fertility/reproductive tourism

Just a brief post this evening pointing readers across to this article, Childless couples face jail as part of international baby ban as one of many possible entry points discussing the unfolding story in Australia. Unlike the United States, Australia has been feeling its way forward much more cautiously concerning issues of surrogacy and what […]

Western Australia (WA) “apology” not a “start,” it’s being used as a substitute for genuine justice

This is another of those “coming in in the middle” sorts of posts. I’m not going to attempt to rehash the history of Mothers’ and Adoptees’ activism in Australia leading up to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Adoption Practices, which was a watershed event with global implications. Instead I’ll simply point readers at ONE particular […]

Several of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent pieces relating to Ethiopian adoptions

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC’s) Foreign Correspondent programe did a special report on corruption in American adoptions from Ethiopia last Autumn which featured Christian World Adoption Agency (be sure to note that CWA’s Founder, Tomilee Harding, is a former President of the Joint Council of International Children’s Services): Fly Away Children, Broadcast: 09/15/2009 In Australia, […]