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NaBloPoMo II – National Adoption Month 2010 – #NAdoptAM

(Just as at the end of last month, this is a second post in a single day, be sure to scroll down to my earlier post, How the other half lives- off adoption as well.)

This post marks 61 days straight of blogging, two NaBloPoMos back to back.

For those of you who have gotten used to hearing from me daily here for awhile, I can only say thanks for reading along and yeah, I’m about to take a break.

November 2010

This month, just like last month, I’ve done two posts on the final day so as to include this index. That’s made for 63 posts in 61 days.

Still, I can think of few things more important to do for what the industry has termed “National Adoption Month” than tell the truth, all month long about the real implications of the

  • adoption industry,
  • the baby dump laws,
  • the machinelike parental rights stripping aspects of American foster care,
  • reproductive tourism,
  • and the so called “orphan” schemes

to both kids and their families.

All I can say is that most other months I don’t blog the various bits and pieces like this in a constant stream, but these are typical of the kinds of articles and stories that cross my desk week in and week out.

There is almost nothing extraordinary about any of the circumstances in these posts.  If anything, they reflect merely among the the more interesting pieces that crossed my desk on any given day. For every post here, there were perhaps ten to twenty other not disimilar such I could just as easily chosen to blog.

Clearly some of the bigger picture pieces like my writings about NCFA’s 30th anniversary gala or on the passing of B.J. Lifton do reflect somewhat special circumstances, but writing about the foibles of the industry or any number of personalities particularly relevant to adoptees could just as easily be done almost any day of the year.

These two months worth of posts simply reflect what I normally don’t blog, in some ways a very typical two months. This is what some of the background readings related to Bastard rights work looks like day in and day out.

As for much of the other Bastard rights work, such as during most states’ legislative sessions and working legislatively, when it’s in full swing, multiple states running at once there is often little to no time to blog.

Obviously not reflected in these two months worth of posts have been the bills in NY, NJ, PA etc, and the ongoing babydump revamp expansion bills such as the ones in MA and NV. Doesn’t mean the last two months haven’t been full of those, as well.

We’ll see what I can get to in December.

Meanwhile, Bastardette has also been at it all month long, so if you haven’t already, be sure to go across and see her posts as well.

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