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An ARD/DAR withdrawals ‘bare bones’ timeline

Since certain people are running around falsely insisting BN ‘pulled out’ of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration BEFORE the fundraising done by Abrazo Adoption Associates came to light, a micro-timeline appears to be in order to set the record straight. In the following, I am basing this timeline on events from the organizer’s list, no doubt […]

News- Several more stories on Lisa Novak and Claar Foundation

(Just a micro backgrounder post on some of the older stories on Lisa Novak.) A timeline of articles (12 stories linked, dates range from February 17th- June 2nd) and two earlier stories on Lisa Novak’s arrest: Ex-Erie trustee arrested in adoption agency probe March 27, 08 Police arrest former adoption agency owner March 27, 08

ARD- Another from the “I hate being right” category- the ‘messaging’ disaster

Mere days ago, two to be exact, I said the following in this post, ARD- This morning’s Adoptee Rights Demonstration webpage update and what the loss of BN means, speaking of the current state of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration with the mostly new set of organizers going forward (I’ll quote at length because it has […]

News- 17 year-old sibling charged with Enna’s death *UPDATED 8am

New readers should first look to my earlier coverage on Enna’s story for a basic backgrounder:Enna, oh Enna! aka When animals outweigh a dead Guatemalan ‘adoptee’. 5/24/08 and Enna & her ’siblings’, where did they all come from? 6/3/08 Yesterday afternoon (6/6/08) news of the older sister being charged in Enna’s death back on May […]

ARD- Ron’s/BBChurch’s statement

Today is a sad day for those who care about Bastard access to our unaltered Original Birth Certificates. Ron has his statement up. He too, is no longer involved in the Day for Adoptee Rights (/Adoptee Rights Demonstration.) Again, I advise people go read it in full. Sadly, the fight for open records itself has […]

ARD- This morning’s Adoptee Rights Demonstration webpage update and what the loss of BN means

Well, I see ARD has finally gotten around to updating their page and acknowledging BN’s withdrawal publicly- (sort of, but not, see below.) Other than that, to read the ARD page, you’d never know a thing happened. We continue to await Ron’s/BB Church’s statement, which he said he’d try to get out later this week. […]

ARD- On the state of the ‘march’ and other ‘organizing’ at the time of my resignation

After Gershom attacked me on Bastardette’s comment thread, I replied with the following: Baby Love Child said… GershomLet’s be clear, Ron asked me to “be our volunteer trainer and head monitor at the protest” on March 9th ’08. After several e-mails back and forth I accepted on March 14th ’08. So I’ve been working on […]

ARD- Abrazo finally ends their “open adoption rocks” facebook fundraising

Abrazo Adoption Associates have finally ceased their facebook fundraising (Titled “Open Adoption Rocks“) off of the (open records) Adoptee Rights Demonstration (ARD), which up until our discovery of the fundraising, had happened without the knowledge or consent of ARD. (While Abrazo also claims to support open records, their fundraising on facebook- unbeknownst to us- conflated […]

ARD/DAR comment thread on the Daily Bastardette

(Just a micro post.) For those following the ARD/DAR mess, this comment thread on Bastardette may help provide some further insight. It’s one of the few public places where former organizers with with ARD/DAR are interacting with both Abrazo and those currently involved. This is all on a days old comment thread on Bastard Nation’s […]

Adoptee Rights Demo- Sleeps with Bastard states the obvious (that’s why I love him so!)

I’ve spent the last few days doing shall we say, important real life stuff, (I’m still firmly in the midst of such) while trying to work in time to do things such as a BASIC timeline of how all this went down even from my own limited perspective. Putting that together may ultimately help others […]