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National Blog Posting Month, my October NaBloPoMo

(Yes, two posts in one day. Please be sure to scroll down to see my post from earlier.)

I did it!

Somehow, I managed that magickal 31 posts in 31 days that constitutes (at whatever time of year) National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo.

November of course, being traditional, but instead of running head to head with much of the adoption hullabaloo that hits each and every November, coupled with the uptick in people who tackle the challenge each November, I wanted to get out in front of that train wreck and spend my October posting like there’s no tomorrow (except of course, there is a tomorrow and then you have to post all over again!)

If September was, as I termed it my “Silent September,” October may as well be termed my “Outraged October.”

Looking back over these posts and the subject matter I chose to work with, it should be clear enough, outrage is a perfectly justified response.

Unlike most NaBloPoMo participants, I didn’t want to add myself to the monthly blogroll until I had actually completed the month’s worth of posts.

In any case here’s my index of links to my posts for the month.

October 2010

  1. Silent September
  2. Louisiana refuses to recognize out of state adoption by Gay couple, boy left in web of legal uncertainty
  3. Rejected under Illinois’ new adoptee birth certificate “access” law? Not allowed to register in the IARMIE?
  4. Meanwhile, in Haiti…
  5. Vote now for the 4th annual Demons in Adoption Awards
  6. Adoptive Columbine tragedy: rescued 6 yr old Adopted Boy “severely malnourished” and abused
  7. OH Supreme Court rules re: the putative Fathers registry & Wyrembek seeking custody of “Grayson”
  8. “Foster-adopt” as a case study in the problems of adoption language & information hiding (BBBP part 1)
  9. When discussing Foster-Adopt, these are some Foster realities to bear in mind (BBBP part 2)
  10. Federal bonus bucks to the states for moving kids out of foster into adoptions (regardless of the damage)
  11. Perhaps as many as one third of Adoptions in Wales end in disruptions/”breakdowns”
  12. Ethiopia, riddled with fraud, surging towards #1 destination for US adopters to collect kids
  13. After almost a decade, Mississippi “safe haven” legalized child abandonment scheme still fails
  14. Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies
  15. Florida Queer Adoptions Post follow up, some theory, and some clarifications
  16. First Nations peoples’ fight for their kids brought to the Iowa Commission on Native American Affairs
  17. In-Vitro Fertilization, “Snowflakes,” and the growing Christian Eugenic movement
  18. A compilation of Mississippi legalized child abandonment cases and “safe haven” failures
  19. Americans demand the “pipeline” cases be rammed through, despite the Guatemalan adoption climate
  20. Western Australia (WA) “apology” not a “start,” it’s being used as a substitute for genuine justice
  21. More Aboriginal kids in child-welfare in Canada now than at the height of the “residential schools”
  22. Haiti. Cholera.
  23. Disappearing Adoptee rights in India, now you see ‘em, now you don’t
  24. Queer adoptions in Florida: Attorney General Bill McCollum decides… not this time around
  25. Costa Rica to legalize in vitro fertilization, human rights, lack thereof, and some contemplations
  26. Olivia Pratten’s suit to end second class citizenship for Canadian donor conceived individuals
  27. Emily Portellos, crimes against “women’s essentialist nature,” and the pointlessness of imprisonment
  28. Haitian child trafficking to the Dominican Republic- “the trafficking of minors has skyrocketed”
  29. Tomorrow the ballot for the Fourth annual Demons of Adoption Awards closes
  30. Ethiopia- LDS Bishop & Village of Hope co-founder charged with 47 felonies for sexual abuse of adoptees & minors
  31. Mississippi 2010 “safe haven”/legalized child abandonment law failures to date

(Obviously, this constitutes a second post on 31rst, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to use the recap as my post for today. All the more so in that until I got the Mississippi post up, I still had that promised post hanging over my head and didn’t want to carry it over into next month.)

Now as my month’s worth of getting a post a day up draws to a close, looking back I see both a body of work and how this month was perhaps a bit unusual in that roughly a full third of my posts were internationally focused. (More often than not, my posts were driven by events as they were unfolding.)

My blog has always had a global focus, but even I was a bit surprised.

As I wind down, Bastardette on the other hand, is just about start her attempt at another month’s worth of posts.

Bastardette’s NaBloPoMo effort last year, (when she truly wrote out that DAILY Bastardette-ness) was somewhat of an inspiration to me in getting piece after piece written.

I described her work last year as a voice of sanity in the midst of the otherwise simply dreadful adopto-obsessed November. (As November rather than October tends to be the month out of the year Bastards and parents find all the true horrors of adoption come to life.)

So this past November, The Daily Bastardette pulling 30 blogs in 30 days was just a bit like sitting down with a cup of coffee and opening the paper each morning used to be (back in the age when ‘Dinosaurs roamed the earth’ and ‘news was actually printed on a thing called “paper” and was delivered daily to one’s abode.)

The Daily Bastardette this past November served as the perfect anecdote to the nonstop cotton candy sticky sweetness of the all-marketing-all-the-time National Adoption Month.

She’s already written a post about her NaBloPoMo ramp up to this year’s effort, National Adoption Awareness Month is Just Around the Corner!

It’s fun in a grueling sort of way. Like running a marathon.


In that spirit, I glad pass the baton that she might take the next leg of the journey on her blog.

Or, perhaps keeping more in spirit with some of the fun and humour intrinsic to a number of her posts:

Tag! You’re it!

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