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Catholic Charities offers up another lifetime’s worth of lies and false “reunion”

As time allows, I hope to do some writing around this Baltimore Sun article that just hit. For the moment, I merely wanted to point readers at the article itself.

Three decades after adoption, DNA test reveals painful truth

More than three decades after Ryba and Butler gave up their baby son to Catholic Charities of Trenton, N.J., for adoption, and four years after the agency facilitated their “reunion” with Bloete, genetic testing revealed last year that none of them are related.

Lisa Thibault, a spokeswoman for Catholic Charities of Trenton, acknowledged that the situation is “tragic,” and that a “mistake” was made somewhere. But she said the agency has done all it is legally able to do for them.

That has shaken Ryba’s lifelong faith in the Catholic Church, or at least in those who lead it. And, it has launched him on a thus-far fruitless quest to find the son he believes Catholic Charities has “lost.”

The only genuine answer to such systemic corruption is a full disclosure: restoration of access to authentic documentation such as original birth certificates to those directly affected.

Only the State sanctioned cloak of secrecy the State itstelf extends to middlemen such as Catholic Charities enables such false narratives devoid of any genuine genetic reality to be extended through decades like this.

False matches, such as this offered by “facilitating” organizations such as Catholic Charities are not aberrations, they are a natural byproduct of a system with more interest in offering A story, ANY story, than any genuine biologically based reality.

Adoption itself is all too often based upon the lie that biology is irrelevant, or at minimum highly malliable, that a State assigned identity (buttressed by intermediary organizations such as Catholic Charities) is ‘as good as’, or at times even marketed as ‘better than’ actual historically based reality.

Clearly false narratives instead offer only false hopes and deceptions, and leave both adopted people as a class and their families (both biological and adoptive) as easy prey for those who would market ‘solutions’ to their State based deprivation of authentic history.

The intermediary vultures and ‘private investigator’ reunion promisers are enabled by this State created lack of access to authentic history that other citizens simply take for granted, basic self knowledge.

So am I surprised to read headlines such as todays in the Sun? Not in the least. Certainly not in relation to Catholic Charities and New Jersey, a state where genuine open records legislation was circumvented, protecting interests such as these.

3 Responses to “Catholic Charities offers up another lifetime’s worth of lies and false “reunion””

  1. Marley Greiner Says:

    Oh yuck!

    I know a similar case in Ohio, via the Ohio reunion registry, but it was caught early on when the “father” and “son” immediately realized they were not who the state claimed they were. Both complained to the State. Vital Stats then had the gall to send a form letter (does this happen a lot?) asking for the return of the documents that had been sent to the “father” and “son” claiming they held them illegally They didn’t. Instead the “father” paid for a very successful search of his “son’s” first family which in turn showed up more of the state’s incompetency. I believe the “father” found his own son, too, through a paid search. There was talk of a lawsuit, but I don’t know what happened.

    How does anybody know they are correctly “reunited” without an obc? Some people go on to have a DNA test to verify, but that’s a personal decision and has nothing to do with state withholding evidence.

    I’m sure there are a fair amount of mis-matches. We just don’t hear about them.

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