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Once again Bastardette picks apart the conflations and reveals the anti-autonomist core

(Yeah I know, long time no blogging. I’ve had good reasons.)


Just a real quick post tonight urging readers to head on over and read Bastardette’s James Dobson Cries Me a River.

She’s done a great job of picking apart some of the intentional conflations. Healthy White Infants (HWIs) being lumped in linguistically with with foster kids for example.

Of course the myth being proffered of ‘access to abortion as driving down adoption rates’ is just that, a myth.

Though in a country wherein every time a womyn exercises her reproductive autonomy; whether that be to refuse to bear or to self parent, should we be the least bit surprised to then hear institutions advocating on behalf of prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) decrying womyn for not breeding on behalf of their constituency? Thus we come to the labeling of womyn exercising their reproductive autonomy a “sad situation.”

The idea of womyn being nothing more than there to provide “womb services” for the infertile objectifies womyn and reduces them to nothing more than their reproductive capacity, a capacity others wish to tap for their own ends.

Infertile couples are not entitled to other’s children. Womyn must not required to breed children for the infertile. Legislation designed to force womyn down those lines should be decried and opposed by those who support individual autonomy.

Both the Dobson empire and NCFA are no friend to womyn’s genuine autonomy. (The sooner various “pro-choice” organizations get that through their heads the better.)

The other crucial piece of course is that both NCFA and Dobson’s empire are not merely speaking of adoption for PAP’s sakes. They are also speaking of adoption as a tactic of movement growth, beyond any given couple or individual. Both view adoption in eugenic terms, ‘fit’ PAPs and ‘unfit’ PAPs, with the primary dividing line being tribal; based around a statement of faith & visibly heterosexual and church sanctioned married lifestyle.

All of which resides in the realm of the demand driven adoption. This is about the demands of infertile couples and the social movement many of them are a part of which is currently looking to and utilizing adoption as a means of movement growth.

Lost in such are the autonomy, the genuine needs, and the desires of womyn and Bastards, of any age.

If womyn are objectified down to their reproductive capacity for others’ uses, Bastards are likewise objectified, both to merchandise to be bought and sold only to ‘fit’ PAPs, and tallied as but another notch on the evangelists’ bedposts.

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