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Well, someone had to be the first to blog “baby trader magazine!”

It might as well be me.

So we pause for some Saturday morning cartoons by way of a co-production out of Canada and the UK (fear not, we’re still fully in the land o’-adoption.) After all, even grown up Bastards can still enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons and games with a bowl of fruit loops while still in their feety pajamas, right?

In that spirit, I bring you some ‘wholesome’ Saturday morning fun.

Every so often it becomes painfully obvious how much the American perspective in relation to adoption needs a good solid kick in the ‘hits too close to home.’ Fortunately, we have Bromwell High for that.

In that usual fashion of ‘sometimes it takes someone else from somewhere else to state the obvious’, the episode “Baby Boom” (episode 8 of a scant 13) interweaves many themes relating to reproduction (and lack thereof), baby abandonment, and adoption into slightly more than 20 minutes. Thus we learn there are many ways to be a ‘special’ child, or at least the child who is the ‘est’ of any given set. And happily, betwixt all this ‘deeper meaning’ it still manages to be quite funny.

Sleeps with Bastard and I first ran across Bromwell High during time spent in Canada, enjoying Teletoon, the much more, shall we say ‘interesting’ version of the Cartoon Network down here in the States.

These are not your typical Saturday morning kids cartoons, though. Teletoon rates Bromwell High appropriate for viewers 18 and over and runs it during its later on in the evening block “The Detour” geared towards older teens and adults, similar to “Adult Swim” on the Cartoon Network here in the States. (As an aside, those of you with a truly sick sense of humour may also enjoy AS’s game “Orphan Feast” while you’re visiting the AS site.)

Bromwell High is described thusly;

Bromwell High is an animated comedy following the adventures of three exceptionally naughty school girls, one maverick headmaster and a bunch of desperate teachers.

The action takes places within the grounds of the school itself – a bog standard, under funded, overcrowded, graffiti-scarred secondary school in South London.

So for your viewing pleasure, and without further ado, ‘Baby Love Child Theater’ brings you the wonder that is “Baby Boom”! (Just be sure to keep an eye out for the all too brief appearance of “Baby Trader Magazine” in the episode!)

The synopsis on the “Baby Boom” the episode I’ve included above describes it thusly:

Latrina’s mum has just given birth to yet another baby, which Latrina accidentally brings into school in her bag. In a ploy to get rid of the baby in a spot that she has not previously used, Latrina swaps the infant with the sex education teacher’s doll. Will the teacher even notice?

When Bibby discovers that Martin and Carol Jackson are desperate for a baby of their own, he quickly spots an opportunity in the baby trade market.

Truly, it’s a masterpiece.

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