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A critical perspective on the “baby safe haven”/babydump programs

I wanted to draw additional attention to two comments that came through yesterday on one of my recent posts about the ongoing failure that states’ “baby safe haven”/babydump programs have been. I’m not going to attempt to write around them as the comments speak for themselves, other than to confirm that the author was posting […]

Meltdown, *updated*

Joy Madsen apparently had a complete melt-down on the Facebook “alt adoption” group’s discussion boards last night. Some of us have seen this behavior from her time and again over the last three years, particularly in relation to the Adoptee Rights Demonstration/Day for Adoptee Rights though usually it’s been in spaces such as the AAAFC/”Adult” […]

Adoption as a modern Feminist institutional blindspot

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. Bitch Magazine* saw fit to include a commentary criticizing the industry from a Feminist perspective, written by adoptive mother Dawn Friedman. See “Adopt-ation: A feminist take on the state of the adoption industry.” Marley/Bastardette has written her own blog post, ADOPTION IS A FEMINIST ISSUE: DAWN FRIEDMAN TAKES […]

Mexico- arrests in stolen babies cases and a mother and child reunited

So many people like to think the days of newborns being stolen under the guise of telling women their babies died are long past. They’re not. Such tactics are as close as this week’s headlines: Doctors, five others held in Mexican stolen babies case Here is a brief excerpt- Mexican authorities have arrested three doctors, […]

Vital Readings in Bastard History: The Black Market, Sealed Records, and the role of the 1945 Illinois Adoption Act

Bastard Grannie Annie has been researching sealed records history in Illinois and how such merely provided a new mechanism for continuing Illinois’ long and ugly history of black market adoptions. Her blog post is an important brief overview of some of the IL history, and a vital backgrounder. Black Market, 1945 Illinois Adoption Act & […]