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Several of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent pieces relating to Ethiopian adoptions

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC’s) Foreign Correspondent programe did a special report on corruption in American adoptions from Ethiopia last Autumn which featured Christian World Adoption Agency (be sure to note that CWA’s Founder, Tomilee Harding, is a former President of the Joint Council of International Children’s Services): Fly Away Children, Broadcast: 09/15/2009 In Australia, […]

ACLU goes to court over Arkansas Act 1, the “Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act”

By way of follow up to my earlier post in the wake of the election, Sewing the scarlet “b”- California’s newest bastards, and other abysmal anti-Queer anti-child bastardization, the ACLU has taken Arkansas’ Act 1 to court. Back on November 4th, 57 percent of the state’s voters had approved the “Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care […]

Nebraska- Governor calls for special session- damage via dump law 2.0 set to continue on

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag. *** Ironically, just as the excrement really hits the fan, I find myself least able to carve out time for more than this bare bones blogging at […]

Jessica Scovil: when the foster system fails completely

This is another of those posts I guess I put off, in part because I have such difficulty finding the words, but also in part because it’s all so damn heartbreaking. As always, Bastardette has done important work in laying out the basics of her death and the circumstances surrounding it across two posts she […]

Adoption Blessings Worldwide finally surrenders their license after playing FL/GA whack-a-mole

Adoption Blessings Worldwide (ABW) based in Georgia, has apparently surrendered its license as of July 31rst. But Adoption Blessings Worldwide is only the latest name Tedi Hedstrom was operating under. Her previous agency in FL, then operating under the name Tedi Bear Adoptions surrendered its FL license back in 2003. This past July, First Coast […]