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On so called ‘the primal wound’: “personal problems” vs. political solutions

These are two posts I originally wrote over on in response to a thread about Nancy Verrier’s books; “The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child” and “Coming Home to Self: The Adopted Child Grows Up”. I’ve moved the two posts over here as they cover far more ground than merely Verrier’s posited ‘damage’ Bastards […]

News- Vancouver Sun piece on stolen children from the late 60’s

A recent excellent piece from the (Canadian) Vancouver Sun on some of the tactics used to ensure womyn would not search; tell them the infant died, then put it up for adoption. The other angle on this, and one of the many fairy tales Bastards are commonly told to prevent us from searching are the […]

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BEA Ohio

Buckeyes for Equal Access that is. BEA has a myspace up here. To quote just a paragraph of Bastardette’s wonderful introduction to BEA– “Anyone can become a BEA friend, but we are inviting particularly anyone with an Ohio adoption connection who believes in the unalienable right of all adoptees to their identities and public records […]

Ah, Adoption, land of sweetness and light, all teddy bears and candy, right?

Some days it’s just too horrific to even blog. Thus, I begin “News”. This is the new tag I’m going to be using from time to time, you know, like when words simply fail me. Or when I’m too busy, or disenchanted, or furious to actually blog, but media stories go by that are certainly […]

ARD: See you in New Orleans!

This is one of several posts that I made private between May 31rst 2008 and July 22, 2008. (This represents the time period between my resigning from working on the Adoptee Rights Demonstration / Day for Adoptee Rights, (ARD / DAR) and it actually taking place in New Orleans.) The piece below was originally posted […]