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Uganda, just another snapshot of the Caveat Emptor world of adoption scams

“Americans for African Adoptions”, widely credited as the first agency to facilitate adoptions from Ethiopia, sits squarely at the center of a latest round of  lawsuits in relation to yet another Ugandan adoption scandal. Uganda has an ongoing history of adoption corruption, even as the number of kids being imported to the US continues to […]

First Nations peoples continue to decry the ongoing stealing of their children for adoption

Many people assume that the intentional stripping of parental rights for Indigenous peoples ended with the closure of the American and Canadian “Indian Residential Schools” or with the Indian Child Welfare Act (or ICWA, here in the States back in 1978,)   or even by the signing of Public Law 110-351, (link opens a pdf) which […]

The Great Germantown, Maryland Earthquakes of ‘10, Think of the Children! (part 2)

(A continuation of my parody from part 1, about the adoption related aftermath of the worst earthquakes to strike Maryland in 252 years.) <sarcasm> <parody> Day 7 As the first week after the quakes came to a close, America’s most important disaster relief workers, adoption agencies, shifted into high gear. 80 young survivors were loaded […]

The Great Germantown, Maryland Earthquakes of ’10, Think of the Children! (part 1)

<sarcasm> <parody> Day 1 I am fortunate to count myself among the living after this morning’s early morning earthquakes rocked the Maryland region. The initial 3.6 quake, followed soon thereafter by the 2.0 that devastated Germantown, Maryland, hit just after 5 this morning. While other parts of the country may dismiss these as “small,” the […]