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Adoption is absolutely a Feminist “issue”/an “issue” Feminists must face

In response to a post at Feministe, Adoption as a Feminist Issue, I threw in my .02 worth:
(As there was a request to limit the number of links in replies, the version of the below on Feministe contains only 3 links, this represents a vastly expanded version with citations for my readership.)
I’ve actually been blogging [...]

Where do we (Mike and I) go from here?

Joanne Wolf Small asked:
So, where do you go from here?
The answer deserved a post of its own, though I’ll let Mike find his own voice in his own timing and post whatever he adds as a guest blog.
First of all, we settle back in here at home after the trip Mike and I were on [...]

I have resigned my Bastard Nation membership

Today I resigned my Bastard Nation lifetime membership.
There were a number of reasons, but they all came down to BN’s “conditional endorsement” of the Rhode Island bill.
I cannot be a part of any organization willing to in any way shape or form to support legislation that erects new barriers for Bastards deemed  ”young.”
Rhode Island’s bill set [...]

Missouri and Rhode Island both pass unclean bills

By way of just a brief post on two events of vast significance-
Missouri SB  351 and Rhode Island S 0478 SUBSTITUTE A have both been signed into law by their respective states’ Governors.
Personally, I view both as unclean bills, (others disagree with me about Rhode Island, viewing the age restriction as not “leaving anyone behind,” [...]