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More on Illinois HB 5428- Bastard Nation Action Alert and the second BN letter to the Governor

Today’s Bastard Nation Action Alert on Illinois’s catastrophic HB 5428 and BN’s second letter to Governor Quinn. Wednesday, May 19, 2010 BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: It’s Not Too Late to Stop Illinois HB 5428! DISTRIBUTE FREELY! It’s not to late to ask Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to veto HB 5428. Quinn will make his decision […]

Illinois HB5428 and Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s (office’s?) contemptuous use of the term “ungrateful bastards”

Well, I fully intended to be working on a post about the latest developments in Haiti tonight, but instead, I’m going to add a post about this stunner from Illinois Representative Sara Feigenholtz (or someone tasked with answering her emails.) Representative Feigenholtz is herself an adoptee, and sadly, the primary sponsor of HB 5428. (A […]

Bastard Nation Letter to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Please Veto HB 5428

Saturday, April 24, 2010 Bastard Nation Letter to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Please Veto HB 5428 Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization urges you to veto HB 5428, a so-called “adoptee rights” bill promoted as a progressive piece of legislation to correct Illinois’ long-standing Draconian treatment of its adoptees and their families of origin. Nothing […]

Bastard Nation- URGENT ACTION ALERT: Illinois HB 5428 – Contact Senators Now!

Still time to contact Illinois State Senators get those faxes and calls in before the Senate goes back in session on Tuesday. Update– see my “Late Addition” at the bottom for e-mail addresses and contact form information. (THANKS ILOpen!) -BLC Saturday, April 17, 2010 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Illinois HB 5428 – Contact Senators Now! It’s […]

Long weekend ACTION ALERT Illinois HB 5428- next Senate session Tues 4/20 get those calls & faxes in!

Again, another small update early this morning. There is still time to get those faxes and emails in to the Senators asking them to vote NO on HB 5428, but time is running out. The bill went through its second reading in yesterday’s session. The bill’s status page hasn’t updated yet after yesterday’s session, but […]

ACTION ALERT- Illinois HB 5428 is *NOT* an open records/adoptee rights bill- make calls NOW!

Very quick little update tonight. Yesterday was the hearing in the Judiciary Committee. The Committee voted it out to the floor by a vote of 6 to 3. According to the General Assembly bill status website (updated infrequently,) the bill has been “Placed on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading April 15, 2010.” (Bills require 3 […]

A Baby Love Child ACTION ALERT on Illinois HB 5428, next hearing Tues. 13 April

There are several potentially incredibly damaging pieces of legislation moving through multiple states right now. They would affect both adopted people and our families of origin. Illinois’ HB 5428 is but one of several, but an important one, capable of tremendous damage, running as best it can by and large under the radar. Since I […]

Stunning news around adoptionland

Two earth-shattering pieces of news today: 1.  Four girls who had been kidnapped in Guatemala and adopted by American families now living in the U.S.  have had their adoptions annulled. A judge in Arkansas ordered all four were to be returned to their mothers and family members back home who had fought for their return […]

ACTION ALERT- ILLINOIS BILL – HB 5428, Contact State Senators TODAY, ask them to vote “No”!

Illinois HB 5428 is scheduled to reach the state Senate tomorrow, Tuesday March 23  where it will be awaiting committee assignment and assigned a Senate bill number. Please contact Illinois state Senators ASAP to urge them to vote “NO” on this destructive, anti-adoptee bill. HB 5428 is being marketed as a bill that would give […]

Vital Readings in Bastard History: The Black Market, Sealed Records, and the role of the 1945 Illinois Adoption Act

Bastard Grannie Annie has been researching sealed records history in Illinois and how such merely provided a new mechanism for continuing Illinois’ long and ugly history of black market adoptions. Her blog post is an important brief overview of some of the IL history, and a vital backgrounder. Black Market, 1945 Illinois Adoption Act & […]