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Cabbage Patch Mentality

Cabbage Patch Kids came from no one. But apparently they do grow on (well, ok, NEAR) trees. They come from Babyland General Hospital, a former real turn of the century clinic. (A sound measure, it helps assure potential “baby” buyers the non-mothers aren’t giving birth in a back alley somewhere.) But we’ll get to the […]

BLC “birth announcements” and a reply to antiprincess

Many of the folks who have seen my little Blog here in these few hours after its “birth” have come across via two main links. Both Marley Greiner, author of The Daily Bastardette and Antiprincess, author of I Shame the Matriarchy have kindly (and unexpectedly!) blogged little “birth announcements”; Here on the Daily Bastardette and […]

Starting in the middle

Like almost any other blog, Baby Love Child, starts where it starts. A week ago today, I was sitting in the Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference in Virginia. Part of the point of the conference was that there was the bedrock expectation that everyone attending would feel uncomfortable at some point during the course of […]


Eventually, there will be all kinds of amazing, and not so amazing posts here, but for the moment, you, dear reader, will just have to be content with a welcome mat and this signpost pointing visitors over to the Baby Love Child about page, which should suffice by way of introduction.