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Massive (partial) victory for adoptees from India and their human rights!

An incredibly important  Supreme Court decision has come out of India on Monday! I have no real time to write about it all at the moment, so instead, I’m going to pull a variety of quotes out of some of the articles from the past day or so to lay out the outlines of what […]

Pennsylvania- BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: Monday is “Contact Chairman Oliver Day”

Sunday, August 15, 2010 BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: Monday is “Contact Chairman Oliver Day” (Pennsylvania) Please distribute freely! BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT Give Pennsylvania unrestricted HB 1978 a hearing! Monday, August 16, 2010: “Contact Chairman Oliver Day for Adoptee Rights” HB 1978 is a short, simply written bill to restore the right of all Pennsylvania […]

Remembering the victims of the “Magdalene Laundries”

If you don’t know about the Magdalene Asylums/Magdalene Laundries you should. They form a crucial chapter in the flesh and blood consequences of what can and has happened to women and children when the Catholic church gains control over a woman’s reproductive capacity and her life. Visit  Justice for Magdalenes. Then the memorial statue in […]

Today’s Suspension of Adoptions of *Abandoned* Children in Nepal

Another day, another closure due to an ongoing pattern of falsified documents. Today the U.S. closed off adoptions of children classified as “abandoned” or foundlings in Nepal after finding an ongoing pattern in previous American adoptions of children labeled “abandoned in Nepal, the “documents presented in support of the abandonment of these children in Nepal […]