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Attachment Quackery first full post

Bastards need to get up to speed on what the quackery passed off as “attachment therapy” means in practice.

To my shame and frustration, I have not written even a single full basic post on it to date, not for lack of desire to do so, but for lack of the words.

I’ve mentioned AT, and my contempt for it repeatedly, but simply cannot begin to find the words for how I feel about this atrocity being aimed at adopted people as a class and marketed (at times by the adoption industry itself) towards adopters, preying on their fears and insecurities relating to wanting to be a “good parent.”

Unfortunately this evening’s post is still not going to be that introductory post about what AT is, and isn’t, why it matters, how it’s aimed at Bastards and their adopters, how the adoption industry is embracing these hideous practices, or anything more depth about it.

I’m STILL not there yet. It’s too big, too ugly, too soul crushingly infuriating.

Instead, I’m going to do one of the small things I can do. This post is but a small step along that process of only beginning to scream from the rooftops about what is being done to Bastards, doubly so those deemed recalcitrant or intractable.

This junk psudeosceince is little more than a control mechanism, well that, and perhaps a means for certain adults to get their jollies forcing kids to do as they command.

I urge my readers to take some time with this important post and the connected video, Attachment Therapist Neil Feinberg Terrorizes 10-Year Old Adopted Boy.

Further I urge you, explore the full site, which I’ve linked to before, A Search for Survivors. The blog serves several purposes, one of which being to bring those who endured these “treatments” into contact with others like themselves. The other of which being primarily to tell their stories, and fight back against the attachment marketing infrastructure.

Being an older Bastard I was fortunate to get through my growing up-hood without being subjected to this particular plague, though had I been younger, perhaps similar quackery would have become part of my own adoption experience, what with having a happily “misspent” youth of my own.

Eventually, I hope I will find the damn words, for now all I can say and do is support those with firsthand experiences of such “treatments,” listen, and learn, and be an ally in speaking out against these at times deadly junk “therapies,” rage, and mourn.

Pound Pup Legacy has also created a section on the so called “attachment therapy.”

So folks, go do your homework, start looking, start reading, get up to speed.

The comment thread on my blog post here is where I’ve written some of how I came to learn about adoption and AT.

Kids are being made to endure this shit, being minors, there’s very little they can do about their circumstances at the time.

As they grow old enough to speak about their experiences we need to listen. Not merely because it could have been us, but because what is being done in these sessions are violations.

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  1. Niels Says:

    Our site is temporarily shut down by our hosting provider because Ron Federici filed a complaint about us mentioning his licensing information in the state of VA.

    Hopefully we’ll quickly be back online.

  2. Niels Says:

    The dispute with our service provider has been solved. We are back online. The licensing information of Ronald Federici has been removed, but it has made us all the more eager to expose his practices and those of other “attachment therapists”.

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