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The “joke’s” on us- Bastard access to our own records

So a Bastard and her adoptive father walk into a bar… did I mention she had a parrot on her shoulder? No, sorry, wrong joke. Let’s try this again. So some time back Baby Love Child and her adoptive father walk into Vital Statistics (vital sadistics) one morning. (As they were both born in the […]

Sleeps with Bastard

So my life partner, Mike, has finally set up his own blog, “Sleeps With Bastard.” (Cue the champagne!) As a non-adopted person, external to the adoption pentagon (I’ll explain later, in another post) but someone deeply familiar with concepts of information systems and information control among other things, I at least, feel he’s got things […]

Adam Pertman, please shut up.

Mr. Pertman, the single biggest thing you could do for open records at this point is shut up. (At least until you have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about, and find within yourself some willingness to stand firm for ’em.) For those not in the know, Adam Pertman is the Executive Director of […]

The post I can’t write – Guatemala

So yeah, Baby Love Child has been quiet here for the last few days. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I actually have so damn much to say. True enough, I rarely write or respond on ‘blog time,’ constantly filling the noise pipe with the latest shiny object, then quickly move along […]