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NaBloPoMo II – National Adoption Month 2010 – #NAdoptAM

(Just as at the end of last month, this is a second post in a single day, be sure to scroll down to my earlier post, How the other half lives- off adoption as well.) This post marks 61 days straight of blogging, two NaBloPoMos back to back. For those of you who have gotten […]

How the other half lives- off adoption

By way of a brief follow up on my two posts about the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) celebrating 30 years of working against Bastard rights: National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part I National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part II NCFA […]

Children hidden in plain sight

In this day and age, in modern America, many people believe it would be all but impossible to keep a child, let alone five children “off the books” so to speak, but sure enough, it most certainly still happens. Yesterday’s Washington Post contained an account of precisely that having happened in York Pennsylvania, a mere […]

Spence-Chapin, always looking to increase market share, attempts to create a Muslim adoption market

Spence-Chapin, one of the older agencies and no friend to adoptees and our civil and human rights, has always sought to open new markets to adoption, and always sought new sources of kids, globally to fulfill that manufactured “need”. Be it their early efforts to procure South Korean kids, to tapping the expanding Gay and […]

Russia and the U.S. about to enter into next round of bilateral adoption talks

Russia and the United States are about to enter into their next round of talks aimed at drafting a bilateral adoption agreement in early December. See Russia, U.S. to discuss child adoption deal Dec. 1-3 “There is reason to hope that the negotiations will help deal with the remaining issues and ensure the early signing […]

When pregnancy provides “evidence” of having broken the terms of your parole: Jail followed by death

La’Tasha Mayes, with the New Voices Pittsburgh, leads a protest down Grant Street, to show support for the family of Amy Lynn Gillespie, who died in January after she developed pneumonia while incarcerated at the Allegheny County Jail – Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette Amy Lynn Gillespie died in a hospital still in custody after being transferred from […]

First Nations peoples in Iowa & Nebraska hold 8th Annual Memorial March to Honor Lost Children

Today’s a good day for me to shut up and let First Nations people speak for themselves. I will merely point out where I’ve written about these annual memorial marches before to provide some background and links to additional resources, let readers explore the news links for themselves, and then close with a few brief […]

Harvest, Bounty, Gratitude

Blogs don’t have acknowledgement pages or other such,  but I wanted to simply say thank you tonight to those who have supported me both as a Bastard and specifically in this writing. Some readers stop by from time to time, or are very specific about what they seek and take from my blog. If they’re […]

Australia grapples with surrogacy & fertility/reproductive tourism

Just a brief post this evening pointing readers across to this article, Childless couples face jail as part of international baby ban as one of many possible entry points discussing the unfolding story in Australia. Unlike the United States, Australia has been feeling its way forward much more cautiously concerning issues of surrogacy and what […]

Another reason the catholic church continues to oppose open adoption records: Priests’ secret kids

I’ve blogged before about how the prospect of adopted people regaining access to their original birth certificates is opposed and seen as a threat by the catholic church. See, Prospect of open records makes IL Catholic Conference fearful of potential lawsuits and how in the course of that, the Illinois Catholic Conference outright admitted that […]