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My comment on 73 adoptee’s “Compromising On Adoptee Access? The Foot You Shoot May Be Your Own”

This is my response to both Triona/73 adoptee’s post, “Compromising On Adoptee Access? The Foot You Shoot May Be Your Own”, and to those who have left comments on her piece. (Please read those prior to reading my response.) I’m an Ohio Bastard from the black hole years. I am one of the people whose […]

LA Times- “Napa State Hospital chief is accused of molesting his adopted son” & other fostered boys under his “care”

Huge story out of California yesterday. See the LA Times for this story, Napa State Hospital chief is accused of molesting his adopted son. Reporting from San Francisco and Los Angeles – The executive director of Napa State Hospital, a Northern California mental institution that houses mentally ill criminals, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of […]

Was the Silsby team’s current lawyer in Haiti, Aviol Fleurant, arranged by Jorge Puello?

First, go read this introduction and this, Special Report: Puello Says Other Dominicans Helped Silsby written by Anne-christine d’Adesky on her Haiti Vox blogs. *** Back on Feb 13th, on twitter I posted this intriguing observation from the linked article- via @TriniWarao “He helped us find the lawyer we have now” Detained Americans seek distance […]

Bastardette’s series of posts on Jorge Torres Puello/Jorge Torres Orellana & the Dominican Republic end of the team

In all the insanity surrounding the Haitian mess, I haven’t had time to really scratch the surface of the Jorge Puello story beyond the initial post I wrote as the trafficking allegations against Puello first came to light: NYT- El Salvador Investigates Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti (Jorge Puello) While I’ve been following it […]

South Dakota adoptees made to wait another year, both bills die

(The following is simply my own personal summary, nothing more.) Once again, South Dakota started its legislative session this year with clean bills in the House and Senate, each poised to restore the rights of South Dakota’s adult adoptees to their original birth certificates. After last year’s premature victory celebration by certain out of state […]

Renee Bowman finally convicted: a case study in the broken adoption system

As regular readers of my blog are aware, this is a more or less “local” case to me here in Maryland. I wrote a number of posts about Renee Bowman and the tragic stories of the three girls she adopted as the story broke  late in Septemeber 2008 when the final surviving girl essentially rescued […]

Chicago- 3 year old boy dumped, by aunt called up for military service

By means of trying to get caught up on some of the stories that have happened while the Haitian mess has been unfolding, see Woman abandons boy at firehouse from back on February 9th: A woman who abandoned her alleged 3-year-old nephew at a firehouse Monday night, told firefighters there she was in the military […]

Haiti fails its children, releases 8 Child Scavengers on nothing more than their (worthless) word

See 8 Americans detained in Haiti freed on bail, 2 others to remain as but one of no doubt what will become an avalanche of coverage. Laura Silsby and  Charisa Coulter remain in custody, they: will remain in Haiti because the judge wants to determine why they traveled to Haiti on an earlier trip before […]

The 73 Haitian kids deserve genuine justice, not a premature release of the scavengers

Let’s pull all the way out to the wide focus for a moment by way of a starting place. All of the writing and detail work I have been writing over the past month about the situation in Haiti is due to the fact that this is a Bastard blog, written in Bastard voice about […]

NYT- El Salvador Investigates Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti (Jorge Puello)

And just when you thought this mess couldn’t get much more convoluted? Along comes  Jorge Puello. El Salvador Investigates Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti The police in El Salvador have begun an investigation into whether a man suspected of leading a trafficking ring involving Central American and Caribbean women and girls is also a […]