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Rejected under Illinois’ new adoptee birth certificate “access” law? Not allowed to register in the IARMIE?

Now that Illinois’ disastrous HB 5428 has been signed into law, (it’s now known as PA 96-0895) simply by looking at the new law it becomes clear, some untold number of adoptees will have their requests for their original birth certificates, or attempts to register with the registry rejected by the state. Yet the state […]

More on Illinois HB 5428- Bastard Nation Action Alert and the second BN letter to the Governor

Today’s Bastard Nation Action Alert on Illinois’s catastrophic HB 5428 and BN’s second letter to Governor Quinn. Wednesday, May 19, 2010 BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: It’s Not Too Late to Stop Illinois HB 5428! DISTRIBUTE FREELY! It’s not to late to ask Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to veto HB 5428. Quinn will make his decision […]

Urgent Action Alerts: Illinois and Rhode Island

Illinois- HB 5428 has gone to Governor Quinn. Time is running out to express you opposition to this travesty of a bill. Even if you’ve contacted the Governor before, please make another effort, this bill will do tremendous damage to adoptee rights. Bastard Nation’s Action Alert, BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: STOP HB 5428 – WRITE […]

Illinois HB5428 and Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s (office’s?) contemptuous use of the term “ungrateful bastards”

Well, I fully intended to be working on a post about the latest developments in Haiti tonight, but instead, I’m going to add a post about this stunner from Illinois Representative Sara Feigenholtz (or someone tasked with answering her emails.) Representative Feigenholtz is herself an adoptee, and sadly, the primary sponsor of HB 5428. (A […]

Bastard Nation Letter to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Please Veto HB 5428

Saturday, April 24, 2010 Bastard Nation Letter to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: Please Veto HB 5428 Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization urges you to veto HB 5428, a so-called “adoptee rights” bill promoted as a progressive piece of legislation to correct Illinois’ long-standing Draconian treatment of its adoptees and their families of origin. Nothing […]


Wednesday, April 21, 2010 BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: STOP HB 5428 – WRITE GOV. PAT QUINN NOW Distribute Freely and Quickly! BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT! URGENT! ILLINOIS GROUND ZERO CONTACT GOVERNOR PAT QUINN NOW Don’t let Illinois gut what few rights Illinois adoptees still possess! This afternoon the Illinois Senate passed HB 5428: the Illinois […]

Illinois Senate abandons genuine adoptee human rights, passes terminally flawed legislation instead, contact the Gov. immediately!

The Illinois Senate passed HB 5428: 36 yea 16 nay 2 present This is nothing short of a catastrophic loss for GENUINE equal rights for adoptees in Illinois. Worse, the Senators appear to have thought they were passing an adoptee rights bill! HB 5428 instead proposes a civil and human rights violation, rights for some […]

*UPDATED* ACTION ALERT on Illinois HB 5428- ACT NOW to kill the bill

(post as it originally appeared remains below this section) 4/20/10 *UPDATE* Despite being listed on the Illinois HB 5428 status page as having been Placed on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading April 15, 2010 the State Senate did not get to the second reading of the bill until today. Today’s update to the page notes […]

Bastard Nation- URGENT ACTION ALERT: Illinois HB 5428 – Contact Senators Now!

Still time to contact Illinois State Senators get those faxes and calls in before the Senate goes back in session on Tuesday. Update– see my “Late Addition” at the bottom for e-mail addresses and contact form information. (THANKS ILOpen!) -BLC Saturday, April 17, 2010 URGENT ACTION ALERT: Illinois HB 5428 – Contact Senators Now! It’s […]

Long weekend ACTION ALERT Illinois HB 5428- next Senate session Tues 4/20 get those calls & faxes in!

Again, another small update early this morning. There is still time to get those faxes and emails in to the Senators asking them to vote NO on HB 5428, but time is running out. The bill went through its second reading in yesterday’s session. The bill’s status page hasn’t updated yet after yesterday’s session, but […]