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Activism- Ohio HB7

I’ve previously written about this year’s legislative quest for open records in Ohio and Buckeyes for Equal Access (BEA) as well as BEA’s action alert on HB7 with contact information for Ohio Health Committee members.
Bastardette has an entire series of posts (read from the bottom up to understand the chronology) detailing the ongoing saga of [...]

Activism- Volunteers needed for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration

This is one of several posts that I made private between May 31rst 2008 and July 22, 2008. (This represents the time period between my resigning from working on the Adoptee Rights Demonstration / Day for Adoptee Rights, (ARD / DAR) and it actually taking place in New Orleans.)
The piece below was originally posted April [...]

News- Vietnam to end adoption program with U.S. after report

This AP piece by way of this morning’s Baltimore Sun-
Vietnam to end adoption program with U.S. after report
Quoting several excerpts:
HANOI, Vietnam – Vietnam is ending a child adoption agreement with the United States after being accused of allowing baby-selling and corruption, officials said today.

The decision was made following a report from the U.S. Embassy in [...]

News- Baby Selling in Vietnam reaches the point where even the US Embassy balks

Last Thursday, (April 24th) an AP story ‘went out on the wires’: AP Exclusive: US Alleges Baby Selling in Vietnam.
Adoption from Vietnam has of course had a long and troubled history, this latest step is only one of many in an ongoing saga.
US adoptions from Vietnam had previously been stopped between 2003 and 2006 due [...]

News: an estimated 408 foreign kids go missing in Britain, most may have been trafficked

First of all, many thanks to Kippa Herring on the adult adoptees forum for providing the information and links here.
A couple of news stories, first from the Guardian UK:
Lost 400 children may have been trafficked into sex or drugs trade.
More than 400 foreign children, many suspected of being trafficked into the sex or drug [...]

Activism- Buckeyes for Equal Access Ohio Action Alert

Needless to say, this is near and dear to my heart-
The BEA action alert can be found here on the BEA myspace page.
Monday, April 21, 2008



News- Prison for child’s death

Turning to local news, Samuel and Donna Merryman are finally off to jail for starving the son they adopted from Russia to death. Clearly, their “deep faith” was no obstacle to torturing and starving Dennis (born Dennis Uritsky):
(Quoting from this Baltimore Sun article, Prison for Child’s Death)
“Dennis died in January 2005. Photos taken the [...]

News- Even child custody messes are bigger in Texas

(photo- Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press)
Not sure how many adoption related blogs are touching on the mess in Texas at the moment, but I thought I’d at least pull some of the bones out of the steaming piles of coverage for contemplation-
Down in this CNN piece, Photos show police well-equipped for polygamist raid from last Wed. are [...]

Prospect of open records makes IL Catholic Conference fearful of potential lawsuits

Bastardette has been doing an AMAZING job of both covering and organizing against IL’s HB4623. She has a whole series of blog posts about the disastrous legislation. (Go read them!!! Then get off your butt and work to crush HB 4623!)
But some of what I’m finding most interesting are some of the responses to the [...]