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Ten days into March, and already 2 Alerts (Nepal and Swaziland) and a Notice on Ethiopia from the State Department

Yet still more Alerts and notices from the U.S. State Department concerning Intercountry adoptions. Ongoing corruption and falsified paperwork in Nepal, a suspension, pending a review of adoptions from Swaziland, and child buying and selling, errrr “media reports alleging direct recruitment” in Ethiopia. Nepal Alert Caution About Pursuing an Adoption in Nepal March 4, 2010 […]

Charisa Coulter, “VP and co-founder” of New Life Children’s Refuge released from Jail in Haiti

As I wrote last Friday, see Charisa Coulter’s release papers signed, Silsby becomes a useful scapegoat, it was clear her release would most likely happen today. Not exactly surprising, especially considering her medical condition. (How insane do you have to be to be diabetic and yet run off to a post earthquake disaster zone where […]

Governor Rendell lied to taxpayers about the cost of his religiously based child scavenging raid

Been meaning to mention this here for a few days now. By way of a brief refresher overview on the Rendells’ Raid, readers may want to refer back to this piece from my earlier post Haiti series- “It is madness. It is insane…” Bribes, Bullies, and Traffickers extract kids, Part 4: Kids not in an […]

Charisa Coulter’s release papers signed, Silsby becomes a useful scapegoat

Charisa Coulter’s release papers have been signed, but for lack of the official stamp, she will remain in jail until Monday at the earliest. Laura Silsby remains in the Haitian jail pending further investigation. The Daily Bastardette post pretty much says all I would, and contains the pertinent links: SAINT-VIL: SILSBY HELD FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATION; […]

the raw unvarnished audacity of of the (missionary) adoption mindset

Has this whole spectacle of the New Lifer’s arrests in Haiti and the ensuing international incident taught the people involved any kind of lesson, led to any form of remorse (other than their remorse at being caught red-handed), or dissuaded them from their current intended course of actions? Apparently not. By way of keeping this […]

Laura Silsby’s pipedreams of a future in the child containment industry

I wanted to highlight a comment I just received to this post as it brings out some of broader themes I’ve been trying to find time to write to. The Wall Street Journal article Teresa references below concerning Laura’s Silsby’s apparent previous attempt at building a complex in Kuna, Idaho for runaway youth via Idaho […]

Central Valley Baptist Church used its tax status for donations for Laura Silsby’s New Life mission

It has been apparent for some time now that  the “New Life Children Refuge” Laura Silsby and the teams in Haiti and the Dominican Republic were working on didn’t just magically spring into being. It was a project built upon church networks, and supported financially by churches and the members thereof. In this post, I’m […]