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I’ve got your *REAL* fake birth certificate right here, wingnut!

So along with large swaths of the rest of wingnutdom, various compulsory pregnancy advocates (CPA) are insisting Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. (See here as just one of a seemingly endless stream of adoption and public records illiterate echo chamber examples.)

I’m not going to get into the whole McCain/Obama thing in this post, though I may before the election.

In this post, I only want to focus upon the sheer nerve it takes to be a Compulsory Pregnancy Advocate whining about ‘fake birth certificates’.

Those who want to eradicate access to abortion have for decades now conflated “adoption as an alternative to abortion,” when abortion is a (pre-birth) reproductive decision and adoption is a (post-birth, now you have a separate child with their own constitutional rights) parenting decision.

They view adoption as the “best possible outcome” to non-consensual pregnancy, going so far as to legislate state based bribes to pregnant womyn. (Although bear in mind $500 is minuscule, a mere token, practically nothing compared to what a baby can fetch on the open adoption market.)

Adoption is often viewed as THE preferable outcome to many pregnancies for compulsory pregnancy advocates.

Ok, they’re nuts and a threat to human autonomy, but whatever. The bottom line remains, I’m their oft desired outcome.

Demographically I embody much of what they want. (A sealed records “white”, blondish, adoptee given to a heterosexual two parent home.)

Well guess what?

I have a (state) falsified birth certificate. My birth certificate is provably fake.

At least the only one I’m able to access, the one I’m required to use in day to day life.

The genuine record of my birth has been state impounded, locked away, and barring a change in state law, rendered inaccessible to the persons to whom it pertains.

These same abortion eradication obsessed, vehemently pro-adoption zealots are precisely the same people who in state after state have legislatively fought adoptees trying to regain access to our own authentic birth certificates (access we used to have prior to changes in the state laws.) The CPA movement, although not a monolith, are the people primarily responsible for maintaining sealed records in American adoptions.

Now why would that be? Could it be that sealed records must be maintained to cover the very deeds and potentially crimes committed in a portion of adoptions? In essence sealed records cover the tracks of those who did what they did to make adoptions happen. Sealed records ensure the puzzle pieces cannot be put back together.

Compulsory pregnancy scoundrels (CPS?, Nah, no need, it’s synonymous with CPAs) such as Jack Wilke have been instrumental anti-abortion/pro-sealed records adoption marketers (see for example his opinion piece “Strong confidentiality rules encourage adoptions” in the April 9, 1996, The Cincinnati Post attempting to co-op womyn’s “confidentiality” for adoption industry purposes.)

These are the real people fighting for the (state mandated) systematic creation of fake birth certificates.

So the anti-abortion idiots want to whine about phantom notions of “not being an American citizen?” well I’ve got some adoptees I’d like you to meet. Here are some Adoptees who either have been or are facing deportation. Note the dates, adoptee deportments have actually increased under this Republican administration. Then of course, there’s always Joao Herbert.

Wingnuts push for adoption constantly, yet do nothing in the face of Bastard deportations.

Apparently their take on “family values” includes deporting Bastards.

Compulsory Pregnancy Advocates including those who pass their days outside of womyn’s reproductive health centers attempting to redirect womyn trying to gain abortion access into their Coercive Pregnancy Indoctrination Centers (or CPICs, a federally funded vital part of the intake path into christian movement growth based adoptions) now dare whine about even the notion of a “fake birth certificate” or even the notion of “not an American citizen?”

Oh, please!

It takes genuine audacity to be both the movement primarily responsible for the creation of tens of thousands of faked birth certificates, and responsible for bastards being deported, and yet still utilize such themes as fodder to whine about in a presidential campaign.


By way of an epilogue, care to guess what would happen if a sealed records Bastard were to try to run for President?

Our provably false birth certificates, could lead to no end of speculation.

(Then again, if a real Bastard were to run for President, I can only hope our state falsified paperwork would be one of many reasons they would be running.)

2 Responses to “I’ve got your *REAL* fake birth certificate right here, wingnut!”

  1. jen Says:

    ok so you have a fake as well? my blood type on my birth certificate/ adoption paperwork is WRONG. who knows what else. never mind to fact that my “official copy” isn’t centered upon the paper that has the “official seal” so i’ve got a ton of conspiracy theories revolving my true birth story. i’ve tried asking my parents in regards to a possible “dark family secret” as i was pregnant and was asked by my OB about my family heritage. she urged me to question them again. i did, and met tight lips, brick walls and a few small conflicts within their stories of where i came from.
    sealed adoptions and birth records from the “olden days” back in ’72, way before the open adoptions of today, aren’t they grand?

    anyways feel free to email me back should you wish.

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