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Queer adoptions in Florida: Attorney General Bill McCollum decides… not this time around

Following up on my two posts from last week: Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies Florida Queer Adoptions Post follow up, some theory, and some clarifications Friday Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that the state would not be appealing the recent appellate court decision that […]

Florida’s Brood Mare amendment to its “parental notice of abortion” bill

Leave it to Florida legislators to come up with a bill this misogynistic. Meet Florida’s HB 1449 and its companion SB 2446. Naturally, I find the bill in its entirety despicable, woman negating, and showing nothing but contempt for the reproductive autonomy of those deemed minors, but there’s something ‘special’ about this particular legislative disaster. […]

Arkansas- Judge strikes down Queer and unmarried cohabiting couples foster and adoption ban last Friday

Major new developments unfolded at the end of last week in relation to Arkansas’ ban on Queer and unmarried cohabiting couples prospects of becoming foster or adoptive parents. I’ve been blogging about the situation in Arkansas for some time now. First see my earlier posts: Sewing the scarlet “b”- California’s newest bastards, and other abysmal […]

George England’s purchased Vietnamese “adopted daughter’s” allegations of sexual abuse lead to FL charges

See Southern California child molester faces new charges in Florida Members of the media watch a Florida FBI videotaped interview from March 8, 2010, of Jackie Zudis, an alleged victim of George England, as she describes living and being abused by England for over 20 years, Thursday, March 11, 2010, in Santa Ana, Calif. (AP […]

ACLU goes to court over Arkansas Act 1, the “Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act”

By way of follow up to my earlier post in the wake of the election, Sewing the scarlet “b”- California’s newest bastards, and other abysmal anti-Queer anti-child bastardization, the ACLU has taken Arkansas’ Act 1 to court. Back on November 4th, 57 percent of the state’s voters had approved the “Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care […]

Orson Mozes and the perfect symbiosis

I’m not going to write a great deal about the details of the crimes Mozes is accused of, instead I’d prefer to point readers at this Naples Daily News piece that pretty well serves as a backgrounder, Miami police nab ‘Most Wanted’ suspect who was released in Collier. Also be sure to also see the […]

Nebraska- 11 year old Florida dumped Wednesday afternoon, and the NE DHHS case summaries

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag. *** Another day, another out of state dump, this time, a boy from Florida. The AP has an article out, just a couple hours old at this […]

Sewing the scarlet “b”- California’s newest bastards, and other abysmal anti-Queer anti-child bastardization

Legal scholars will no doubt be tied up in knots about whether or not California’s prop. 8 will or will not retroactively affect the pre-existing G/L/B/T marriages. But the bottom line is, if Californians eliminated the right of Queer couples to marry (enshrining such in the California Constitution,) at least some of California’s Queer families’ […]

Adoption Blessings Worldwide finally surrenders their license after playing FL/GA whack-a-mole

Adoption Blessings Worldwide (ABW) based in Georgia, has apparently surrendered its license as of July 31rst. But Adoption Blessings Worldwide is only the latest name Tedi Hedstrom was operating under. Her previous agency in FL, then operating under the name Tedi Bear Adoptions surrendered its FL license back in 2003. This past July, First Coast […]

The horror that is Judith Leekin & the NY child welfare adoption subsidies disaster

Judith Leekin, photo by Port St. Lucie (FL) Police Department * I’ve tried to write this. All week I’ve tried to write this. Leekin has been the monster under the bed rattling around all week, and while I’ve somehow found the words to go ahead and write about Dmitry, when it comes to Leekin, I’m […]