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National Blog Posting Month, my October NaBloPoMo

(Yes, two posts in one day. Please be sure to scroll down to see my post from earlier.) I did it! Somehow, I managed that magickal 31 posts in 31 days that constitutes (at whatever time of year) National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. November of course, being traditional, but instead of running head to […]

Mississippi 2010 “safe haven”/legalized child abandonment law failures to date

Earlier this month I blogged several posts using Mississippi as a case study in relation to the ongoing failures of the legalized child abandonment schemes. The so called “baby Moses” or “safe haven” laws were passed nationwide on the assurances of those advocating legalized child abandonment that unsafe child abandonments and the number of dead […]

Ethiopia- LDS Bishop & Village of Hope co-founder charged with 47 felonies for sexual abuse of adoptees & minors

Village of  Hope orphanage co-founder Lon Harvey Kennard, Sr. faces charges on 47 felony counts  stemming from his alleged sexual abuse of children he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia, other teenaged female relatives and a final unrelated teenage girl in Ethiopia. The potential crimes first came to light last March, see Ethiopia orphanage co-founder […]

Tomorrow the ballot for the Fourth annual Demons of Adoption Awards closes

Please forgive the extremely brief post tonight. This may actually be my shortest post ever (I’ll work on making up for it tomorrow!) Get out the Vote! Last chance. As I blogged earlier this month, Vote now for the 4th annual Demons in Adoption Awards. Ballot and candidates can still be found here.

Haitian child trafficking to the Dominican Republic- “the trafficking of minors has skyrocketed”

The Miami Herald has done an important investigative series concerning the ease with which Haitian children have been smuggled across the border into the Dominican Republic in the wake of the earthquake. While the reports focus on the porous border in terms of child trafficking for purposes of house slave or shoe shine boy labor, […]

Emily Portellos, crimes against “women’s essentialist nature,” and the pointlessness of imprisonment

Bastardette and I continue to write about the legalized child abandonment laws (so called baby dunp, or baby Moses/safe haven laws,) their ongoing failures, and how babies are still consistently turning up dead and women are still consistently going to jail. I’ve written repeatedly, that rather than legalized child abandonment, there could, and must be […]

Olivia Pratten’s suit to end second class citizenship for Canadian donor conceived individuals

Much as I am sick to death of seeing headlines refering to adults as perpetual “children,” some of the reporting on Olivia Pratten’s suit has otherwise actually been fairly good. Pulling but two examples from earlier today: This Vancouver Sun piece goes into a fair amount of detail, shining a momentary spotlight on the lives […]

Costa Rica to legalize in vitro fertilization, human rights, lack thereof, and some contemplations

Until now, Costa Rica had been one of  only 43 countries where in vitro fertilization was illegal. See Costa Rica Seeks In Vitro Compromise. As there is little regulation of this industry and standards vary wildly reproductive tourism has been the result, with infertile couples researching and then crossing borders to buy what services and […]

Queer adoptions in Florida: Attorney General Bill McCollum decides… not this time around

Following up on my two posts from last week: Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies Florida Queer Adoptions Post follow up, some theory, and some clarifications Friday Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that the state would not be appealing the recent appellate court decision that […]

Disappearing Adoptee rights in India, now you see ’em, now you don’t

Back in mid-August adoptees had a partial victory that we had hoped might lead to genuine structural changes, see my post Massive (partial) victory for adoptees from India and their human rights! As I wrote at the time, referring to Arun Dohle’s efforts to gain his adoption file: ….when it comes to establishing the absolute […]