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Action Alert- Stop New Jersey S799, NJ Senate Vote scheduled for Monday

New Jersey’s horribly botched bill S799, (formerly A752, which I blogged about last December, New Jersey- let A752 die: the conflation of family medical history with authentic restored access, white outs, and preemptive restraining orders among other nightmare senarios) is scheduled to come before the New Jersey Senate on Monday (March 22nd, 2010.)

See the full Bastard Nation Action Alert for details and legislator contact information:. (I have also added the alert to my right hand sidebar.)


Contact the members of the NJ Senate and urge them to VOTE NO ON S799.

New Jersey has been struggling to pass a bill to restore access to adult adoptees OBCs for literally, decades now.

Sadly this latest piece of legislation is just another piece of crap marred by a number of fatal flaws including;

The Bastard Nation action alert goes into to far more detail, so I won’t attempt to replicate their useful backgrounder on the bill.

New Jersey needs a real bill, not yet more trash heaped upon the pile.

Really makes you wonder what part of simplicity in legislation in relation to restoring adoptee’s right to access our own documentation is so darn difficult to get one’s head around.

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  1. Baby Love Child Says:

    Sad update on the NJ bill.

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