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More on Spence-Chapin’s “pro-choice” adoption scheme

For those of you arriving here by way of my comment on the Huffington Post piece, or this article on RH Reality Check, my post in question can be found here: Adoption in relation to Abortion provision, notes on clinics that embrace adoption marketing As time allows I hope to write a response to these […]

Bastard Nation’s latest New Jersey ACTION ALERT and a Rhode Island update

New Jersey There is a significant possibility that New Jersey’s botched legislation, SCS1406  (SCS799/1399)  has been pulled for this session. But this is no time to become complacent. We must keep the pressure on: keep educating, keep communicating with lawmakers and the Governor, and keep working for nothing short of restored equality. Those advocating in […]

A few words about our much maligned Fathers

I should have some kind of witty or profound thing to say on the occasion of Father’s day, but I don’t. These are just a few disjointed thoughts jotted down. (Consider these almost vignettes or morsels to chew on as part of a broader thought process.) Whether warranted or not, Fathers are often a maligned […]

Adoption in relation to Abortion provision, notes on clinics that embrace adoption marketing

The below is my comment on the New York Times article, Campaigning for Common Ground in Abortion Debate. Where to start? The fact that women’s autonomy and freedom must not be up for “debate” perhaps? The article itself starts off with the false notion that many clinics that offer abortion services don’t ALREADY mention adoption […]

New Jersey SCS1406 (A1406/S799) ACTION ALERT and update

On Monday the New Jersey Assembly’s Human Services Committee heard testimony on A1406 (The Assembly’s version of the New Jersey Senate’s S799.) The bill has become a mangled beyond repair attempt at what was originally intended to be open records legislation. At this point the two bills have been combined and are now known as […]

My Intro, links, & the Bastard Nation Action Alert – Stop New Jersey A1406/S799 Today!

This post has three parts: My introduction Some links towards context & historical perspective on the situation in New Jersey The Bastard Nation Action Alert- Stop New Jersey A1406/S799 Today! Introduction- New Jersey’s A1406/S799 is NOT an adoptee rights bill. It is yet another fake/conditional access for a lucky few at the direct cost of […]

Adoptee Rights 101: Class Bastard and how to recognize a genuine adoptee rights bill

Yes, my blog has been quiet here for a bit, for a number of reasons, some of which I hope to write to a bit later on. In the mean time, I’ve obviously got a massive backlog of things to write, some of which I will get to, others, I may not. That said, watching […]