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CA AB 372- afternoon update!

No time to blog at the moment. Go see the Daily Bastardette for details from today’s hearing on California AB 372-. For once, it’s a bit of what could be good news, CALIFORNIA AB 372 SENT TO SUSPENSE FILE as Marley said, The committee has until May 25 to retrieve it from suspension, but because […]


The CARE-tastrophe continues unabated. Just when you thought the mess out in California couldn’t get any stupider, AB 372 now apparently is projected to come with an 8 million dollar start up cost. Yes, you read that right $8 million, even as California is in the depths of fiscal crisis and budget hearings. (It’s really […]

Slate’s “The Orphan Trade- A look at Families Affected by Corrupt International Adoptions”

As part of the Mother’s Day-a-palooza all over the net Sunday, Slate included a piece focusing on international adoption corruption with profiles of ten cases, The Orphan Trade, A look at families affected by corrupt international adoptions. As always, the article leads off with an assumption, that most couples would never willingly participate in the […]

Weekend round up- “Birthmother’s Day”, and A Day without Adoption, & Mother’s Day and My Day

So this is the second Mother’s Day since I began blogging about adoption. I’ve already said pretty much everything I needed to say in last year’s, Mothers’ Day and my day Since I first wrote that piece, it’s been another year of ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’ May 10th, 2009 […]

Latest report on the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency- “Progress… stalled.”

The court-appointed monitor’s latest report on D.C. Child and Family Services Agency points out that the number of children being adopted out of shelters and foster homes has slowed. Between 2005 and 2008, adoptions finalized in the District dropped from more than 250 a year to fewer than 100, the report said. The Washington Post […]

Texas Action Alert- calls and letters needed ASAP! Oppose SB 499/HB 4470

See the Bastard Nation Action Alert- BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT– NO ON TEXAS: SB 499/HB 4470 for details. Texas Action Alert- Emergency Texas Senate Bill 499 & Companion House Bill 4470 We have an emergency in the Texas State Legislature. Probably one of the worst combination of so-called “adoptee rights bills” in history are on […]