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How not to spend a Sat. afternoon: wiffle ball, face painting, “waiting children”, and the local bomb squad

Ah, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than shopping for a “waiting child” and watching things go ka-boom?

Could I make this one up?

In the latest twist on ‘adoption fairs’, Massachusetts has figured out how to start off adoptions with bang!

The announcement for the event starts of pretty par for the course; yet another afternoon wherein wanna-be-adopters come out to look over the ‘merchandise’, the kids get spiffed up and put on their best ‘won’t you pretty please take me home?’ looks, and the adoption marketers push the paperwork, all against a backdrop of facepainting and a moonbounce. (What IS it with adoption marketers and facepainting?!?!?)

‘A Home run for a Child’ adoption event

Mayor Thomas Menino invites the public to “A Home run for a Child” from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 6, at Boston Police Station, District E-5, 1708 Centre St., West Roxbury.

The adoption matching and recruitment event offers and opportunity to learn about the adoption process. Adoption social workers are available for assistance, and the event also features interaction with waiting children. There will be an opportunity to attend an informational session about the adoption process.

But then the announcement takes a turn off into the twilight zone,

There will be play and entertainment featuring a Whiffle ball game, a tour of the police station, bomb squad demonstrations, music, face painting, a moonwalk, food and more.

“Bomb Squad Demonstrations?”

Gee, nothing makes me think “adoption” like blowing something up!

What were these folks thinking?

Unless of course, they wanted to give the young Bastards a sneak preview of the inside of a police station, you know, to better prepare them for their potential futures… .

Or ‘scare the young potential perps straight’… .

Gotta love the new marketing though, I can just see it now, ‘Come for the explosives. Stay for the adoptions.’

As for whose ‘bright idea’ this one was, credit where credit is due,

The event is presented by Menino; Boston Police Department, District E-5, Commissioner Ed Davis, Capt. James Hasson and Sgt. Kenneth Jameson; Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Boston Region; Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange; and Children’s Service of Roxbury.

As always, when it comes to inane adoption marketing schemes, I come down to the usual questions, would any resultant adoptions be an ‘explosive mix’, or merely a dud?

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