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The CARE-tastrophe continues unabated.

Just when you thought the mess out in California couldn’t get any stupider, AB 372 now apparently is projected to come with an 8 million dollar start up cost.

Yes, you read that right $8 million, even as California is in the depths of fiscal crisis and budget hearings. (It’s really impossible to pick any one link as any form of overview of the situation in CA, if you’re not familiar with the the budgetary crisis a simple websearch will turn of more than enough articles to get you up to speed.)

AB 372 as currently proposed is simply insane, completely fiscally irresponsible, and absolutely unwarranted.

Other states have achieved genuine open records legislation without a high price tag fiscal note attached. Now CA wants to give adopted adults (over age 25, no less!) an insulting half-assed ‘faint possibilities of maybe-access sometimes sorta’ AND couple it with an $8,000,000 price tag? Positively shameful.

Tomorrow morning the bill goes before the Committee.

Go read the Bastard Nation action alert, then make your calls and send your emails. If you’re in CA and can make the hearing tomorrow morning by all means, attend in person.


The author’s office has stated there is an $8 Million start up cost estimate attached to the bill.


You can watch and listen LIVE to the hearing via the internet:
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
Room Number 4202
9:00 AM (PST)
click here
(Click on Committee Room List)

You can find the full bill text, last modified May 7th, here

Also see the Bill Analysis

As well as the previous unanimous passage vote tally in the Appropriations Committee.

Rubber stamping AB 372 on through the committee vote is not an acceptable outcome.

Not acceptable to adopted people and our families, and not acceptable for California itself.

Show up, call and write to demand better.

One Response to “URGENT ACTION ALERT- California AB 372”

  1. Baby Love Child Says:

    Actually, the “8 million start up” is crazier still.

    See the Assembly Appropriations Committee Analysis which lays out-

    creating the required database, the cost of notifying birth parents, and processing requests for original birth certificates will likely be in excess of $8 million costs for each of the first two years of the program. By the third year, costs will be in the range of $2 million per year.


    approximately $4 million of the funding in each of the first two years would be related to necessary automation changes and the creation of the database

    not only is this completely nuts, but they claim this model was built on

    experience with a similar law in Oregon

    A state whose primary financial costs had to do with defending the new law in court against those who were trying to get it struck down (Oregon being a national precedent and all.)

    Basing any notion of CA’s projected costs on Oregon’s experiences just shows how deeply the lack of historical understanding pervades those working on AB 372.

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