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Legislation- IL HB 4623 and IL’s Kafka-esque Confidential Intermediary Hell



Driving one to the very brink of madness.

Indeed, one of the very few Bastard situations I can imagine more day to day hellish than even the insanity Black Hole Bastards like myself are trapped by are those poor souls ensnared by state’s Confidential Intermediary programs- aka Hell. (And no, I’m not talking the Norse Goddess, here, though Christianity does do its “borrowing” now doesn’t it?)

Words fail me in light of the twisted wreckage of endlessly navigating the M. C. Escher-esque corridors and staircases, each leading one into the other, with no clear up nor down, no beginning, and no end.

Flat out, I don’t know where Bastards find the strength to fight over and over again again against the impossibility of our situations, courtesy of State legislatures, who over and over again fail to show the (gender irrelevant) balls and clout it’d take to clean up the messes so many individual States have made. (The exceptions being Kansas and Alaska who somehow managed to withstand the pressure and NEVER seal their adoptees’ original unaltered birth certificates from their State’s Bastards. More recently, Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Maine have each reentered the real world, by restoring the right of access to their Bastards.)

All of which leads us to IL HB 4623, the latest in a long line of ‘deform’ bills which continue to screw IL born Bastards. As always, Bastardette has a far more comprehensive blog posts/pile of articles about this train wreck than I could ever even attempt, she’s been providing wonderful coverage. Just follow the link and read bottom to top if you want to read in chronological order.

Which brings me to what I really want to blog about, 73adoptee’s devastating deconstruction/autobiographical retelling of what IL’s Confidential Intermediary system (CI system) has meant in practical application for an IL born Adoptee living outside of their State of birth.

Go follow the link, I’ll wait.

Still here? If you never follow another link off my site, please, go read the piece, really, I can wait.

Ok, you back yet?

Not rocking back and forth, foaming at the mouth, in a straight jacket in a nice little rubber room yet?


This is the experience of an adoptee. This, in light of moronic statements like “… most adoptees in this state do have their birth parents names” from Melisha Mitchell (Exec. Dir. of the White Oak Foundation, author of IL HB 4623 with Rep. Sara Feigenholtz.)

Now honestly, were that true, how on earth would her organization even exist, seeing how they’re in the business of ’searches’? If most IL adoptees already had their parents’ names, believe it or not we are just as ‘qualified’ to use Google as the next ‘professional search asshole’. Common sense anyone? Anyone…? Anyone…?

But “…have their birth parents names.”


Gee thanks Melisha, I’m sure shovel loads of donkey dung like that certainly helps directly affected adopted people like 73adoptee come to realize their own experiences mean NOTHING, and must be nothing more than mere personal delusions. ‘Obviously’, we’re the ones who are insane, not the system built to contain us. Fortunately, we have softheaded fools like you working to ‘enhance’ our adoption experiences. All in the name of ‘helping’ us.

How quaint.

So, Illinois Open, is where to get up to speed and connect with others to restore Bastard rights, and IL’s adoption system to some semblance of sanity. 73adoptee, Bastard Granny Annie, Bastardette, Amy Adoptee, Rights of Adoptees, and others in the Bastard community are blogging and working against HB 4623.

For the moment, though, unless and until the existing tangle of a non-system, with no intake path into what little even exists for those who live out of state changes, to the very core, call it a lay diagnosis, but Bastards agree, IL’s adoption system makes us ILL.

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