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Still time to act on IL HB 4623, OH substitute HB 7 (LSC 127 0671-3,) OH HB 485 & OH SB 304, and more!

I know folks are searching for the current status of all these bills, I’ve been meaning to get to blog entries on all of ’em so here’s one big post for all of ’em plus by way of bonus, further blog reading on IL’s Confidential Intermediary disaster. Let’s start by saying I oppose every single […]

Legislation- IL HB 4623 and IL’s Kafka-esque Confidential Intermediary Hell

Appalling. Kafkaesque. Driving one to the very brink of madness. Indeed, one of the very few Bastard situations I can imagine more day to day hellish than even the insanity Black Hole Bastards like myself are trapped by are those poor souls ensnared by state’s Confidential Intermediary programs- aka Hell. (And no, I’m not talking […]

Prospect of open records makes IL Catholic Conference fearful of potential lawsuits

Bastardette has been doing an AMAZING job of both covering and organizing against IL’s HB4623. She has a whole series of blog posts about the disastrous legislation. (Go read them!!! Then get off your butt and work to crush HB 4623!) But some of what I’m finding most interesting are some of the responses to […]