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Nebraska- another ghost in the machine dump (unoffical total 41, the official count reaches 30)

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag. *** I’m going to work chronologically, (yet in inverse order from the Nebraska DHHS safe haven page’s latest press release.) Firstly, there was another uncounted in the […]

Maryland- a fund for donations for the surviving 7 year-old, & more questions

This is my fifth post relating to the murdered and abused adopted daughters of Renee D. Bowman in Maryland. My earlier posts contain far more detail, this is just a brief update. To find the other four posts, just click my Maryland tag and read in chronological order bottom to top. *** Just a quick […]

News- “DCF Worker Charged In Death Of Infant”, the Connecticut foster care restructuring after the death of Michael Brown Jr.

(Credit where credit is due, story brought to my attention courtesy of my ex-wife, Mahalo dear!) *** By way of The Hartford Courant were come to a July 18th article, DCF Worker Charged In Death Of Infant, which details the sad May 19th death of Michael Brown Jr, a 7-month-old foster child. (Also note the […]

News- early July articles relating to Enna’s death, Marainna Torres pleads guilty

This is sort of a part II to the update I did last night, “News- End of June articles relating to Enna’s death- lots of new developments.” The inclusion of these three articles brings my coverage up to date. Torres pleads guilty in stepsister’s death Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, July 2, ‘08 Marraina Torres pleaded […]

News- End of June articles relating to Enna’s death- lots of new developments

I’ve been following the details in the aftermath of Enna’s death closely. For new readers, or readers in need of reminders, take a look at my earlier writings on Enna, and Bastardette’s “Mississippi: of Puppy Mills and Baby Mills — If you can stomach it!” The below represents a final round up for a last […]