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Maryland- a fund for donations for the surviving 7 year-old, & more questions

This is my fifth post relating to the murdered and abused adopted daughters of Renee D. Bowman in Maryland. My earlier posts contain far more detail, this is just a brief update. To find the other four posts, just click my Maryland tag and read in chronological order bottom to top.


Just a quick little post today.

By way of this WJZ-TV piece, Dead Girls’ Mother Was Investigated For Neglect, we find two new pieces of information.

First, a fund has been established to support the surviving seven year-old. Below are the only details on it I’ve been able to find so far:

Due to the outpouring of concern and well-wishes from the community, the Calvert County Department of Social Services has established a way for interested community members to contribute funds, toys, clothes or other appropriate items to support the recovery of the surviving child in the Bowman case.Those interested in contributing should send appropriate items and tax-deductible contributions to:

Calvert County Dept. of Social Services
c/o: Calvert’s Child
200 Duke Street
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Secondly, we have Evon Keller, claiming to have made a complaint call on Bowman back in 2003. The article says the Bowmans were living “near Landover” at the time, which would be in Prince George’s County. Authorities apparently have no record of Keller having called.

Dennis Edwards reports a social worker visited Renee Bowman’s home earlier this year after an anonymous tip.

The children were ok, but their good health didn’t last for long.

The caseworker was dispatched to Renee Bowman’s southern Maryland home in January, an anonymous neglect complaint about one child was at the heart of that investigation, but the child was in good health.

Nine months later, police found the bodies of two adopted daughters in Bowman’s freezer.

“He couldn’t figure out what it was, but they weren’t treating the little girl right,’ said Evon Keller.

Although authorities have no record of her call, Evon Keller says she also made an abuse complaint against Bowman in 2003 when the family lived near Landover.

She believes that complaint, based on information from another neighbor, involved one of the little girls age 9 and 11 whose bodies were apparently moved in the freezer to Lusby.

Keller goes on to say:

“I wish I would have stayed on top of it because I probably could have saved that child’s life. She didn’t have a chance,” said Keller.

Beyond the scope of the article, I wanted to at least pose a very important question that I have yet to see anyone even ask, as to the other two girls, who did not survive being Bowman’s adopted daughters, is anyone giving any thought to their families of origin or potentially even other possible foster families they might have been with prior to be placed with Bowman?

Note that the the (still living) 7 year-old, and (now deceased) 9 year-old were apparently biologically related.

As many foster kids move from foster family to foster family through the years, and no identities have been publicly released, previous families may be unaware that their former foster daughter was one of these kids.

As for their (biologically related) family members and extended family, they too, are likely unaware their daughters ended up being adopted by Renee Bowman.

Notifying the families is the right thing to do.

There can be few fates worse than to go about your life assuming your child is still out there somewhere, only to find out later that your child has not only died, but died like this.

But then, how can a family demand justice and answers if they are never even informed of their child’s death?

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