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First Nations peoples in Iowa & Nebraska hold 8th Annual Memorial March to Honor Lost Children

Today’s a good day for me to shut up and let First Nations people speak for themselves. I will merely point out where I’ve written about these annual memorial marches before to provide some background and links to additional resources, let readers explore the news links for themselves, and then close with a few brief […]

First Nations peoples’ fight for their kids brought to the Iowa Commission on Native American Affairs

For some time now, I’ve been tracking and just barely beginning to write about the ongoing situation pertaining to First Nations children and the child “welfare” system. The situation in Iowa is something I’ve written about before, see First Nations peoples continue to decry the ongoing stealing of their children for adoption. There has been […]

First Nations peoples continue to decry the ongoing stealing of their children for adoption

Many people assume that the intentional stripping of parental rights for Indigenous peoples ended with the closure of the American and Canadian “Indian Residential Schools” or with the Indian Child Welfare Act (or ICWA, here in the States back in 1978,)   or even by the signing of Public Law 110-351, (link opens a pdf) which […]

Adoption as a tool of cultural genocide, the “child grabs” Canadian First Nations peoples have endured

To start from a personal perspective, I’m just a Bastard, a politically active adoptee. Being legally prohibited from attaining my State sealed records, I have no idea what heritage cultural or genetic my biological family might contain, other than a quick glance in a mirror appears to indicate pretty clearly a hefty chunk of what […]

Today, voting opened on Pound Pup Legacy’s Seventh Annual Demons of Adoption Awards

Each year, Pound Pup Legacy holds their annual Demons of Adoption Awards. This year’s ballot can be found here. In the nomination process in the run up to the actual ballot, I wrote about my nominees and reasoning behind such: “Others have already made these nominations, but I wanted to write to them specifically as […]

NaBloPoMo II – National Adoption Month 2010 – #NAdoptAM

(Just as at the end of last month, this is a second post in a single day, be sure to scroll down to my earlier post, How the other half lives- off adoption as well.) This post marks 61 days straight of blogging, two NaBloPoMos back to back. For those of you who have gotten […]

National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part I

Tonight the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) has been living it up in style in Washington at their 30th anniversary gala. Their “Bow Tie and Pearls” gala at the Willard Hotel is a fundraiser schmooze and booze chance to rub elbows with politicians, agencies, and of course, major donors. The event is also somewhat of […]

National Blog Posting Month, my October NaBloPoMo

(Yes, two posts in one day. Please be sure to scroll down to see my post from earlier.) I did it! Somehow, I managed that magickal 31 posts in 31 days that constitutes (at whatever time of year) National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. November of course, being traditional, but instead of running head to […]

More Aboriginal kids in child-welfare in Canada now than at the height of the “residential schools”

I’ve barely scratched the surface of writing about the history of the residential schools and how First Nations peoples in both the United States and Canada have undergone generations worth of the  forcible removal of their children. See Adoption as a tool of cultural genocide, the “child grabs” Canadian First Nations peoples have endured, News- […]

“A life filled with scars,” the lasting legacy of the Indian Adoption Program

Obviously, I haven’t been blogging much as of late (or at least anywhere near as much as I would have liked to, or have material for.) Hopefully, I’ll have some new posts up within the week. For the moment, though, I’m going to backtrack just a bit and point readers towards an article in Indian […]