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Sylvia Sieferman’s sentencing after the attempted murder of her adopted Chinese daughters- Minnesota

David Joles, Star Tribune August 2008 I began compiling notes to do a post last week about the sentencing and conclusion of the attempted murder trial of 61 year old defendant Sylvia Sieferman. It has taken me a bit of time to get my ducks in a row, so while this is slightly belated, it’s […]

China, “Orphans,” and economic and legal coercion- just another example of the “Baby Economy”

Many adopters continue to insist that China is somehow ‘the most ethical’ of the international adoption sending counties, as if a Chinese adoption is somehow some kind of “Gold Standard” in the realm of adoption ethics, (and yes, the term “Gold Standard” in relation to international adoption ethics have been used to my face.) Never […]

Adoption as a tool of cultural genocide, the “child grabs” Canadian First Nations peoples have endured

To start from a personal perspective, I’m just a Bastard, a politically active adoptee. Being legally prohibited from attaining my State sealed records, I have no idea what heritage cultural or genetic my biological family might contain, other than a quick glance in a mirror appears to indicate pretty clearly a hefty chunk of what […]

News- Baby traffickers arrested on China-Vietnam border

(Just another little story that deserves more attention than these kinds of things tend to get.) This from the Australian Broadcasting Corp- Baby traffickers arrested on China-Vietnam border To quote just a little: The two babies were turned over to a social welfare centre, the officer said. “This is the third baby trafficking case we […]