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Missouri and Rhode Island both pass unclean bills

By way of just a brief post on two events of vast significance- Missouri SB  351 and Rhode Island S 0478 SUBSTITUTE A have both been signed into law by their respective states’ Governors. Personally, I view both as unclean bills, (others disagree with me about Rhode Island, viewing the age restriction as not “leaving […]

Bastard Nation’s latest New Jersey ACTION ALERT and a Rhode Island update

New Jersey There is a significant possibility that New Jersey’s botched legislation, SCS1406  (SCS799/1399)  has been pulled for this session. But this is no time to become complacent. We must keep the pressure on: keep educating, keep communicating with lawmakers and the Governor, and keep working for nothing short of restored equality. Those advocating in […]

Urgent Action Alerts: Illinois and Rhode Island

Illinois- HB 5428 has gone to Governor Quinn. Time is running out to express you opposition to this travesty of a bill. Even if you’ve contacted the Governor before, please make another effort, this bill will do tremendous damage to adoptee rights. Bastard Nation’s Action Alert, BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: STOP HB 5428 – WRITE […]

Rhode Island’s legislative abomination: access for a lucky few purchased at the price of the human rights of others

For some time now I’ve been following the ongoing disaster in Rhode Island. This time around, they’ve come up to the edge of passing yet another “access for me, but not for thee” bill, by camouflaging it, falsely labeling it an adoptee rights bill, and co-opting Bastard voice by glossing over how their bill is […]