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Adoption is absolutely a Feminist “issue”/an “issue” Feminists must face

In response to a post at Feministe, Adoption as a Feminist Issue, I threw in my .02 worth: (As there was a request to limit the number of links in replies, the version of the below on Feministe contains only 3 links, this represents a vastly expanded version with citations for my readership.) I’ve actually […]

Costa Rica to legalize in vitro fertilization, human rights, lack thereof, and some contemplations

Until now, Costa Rica had been one of  only 43 countries where in vitro fertilization was illegal. See Costa Rica Seeks In Vitro Compromise. As there is little regulation of this industry and standards vary wildly reproductive tourism has been the result, with infertile couples researching and then crossing borders to buy what services and […]

Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies

Blognote- I’m still working with the Mississippi data, so I don’t have that post ready to go this evening. Instead, I’ll go on and write about the big news out of Florida and then hopefully come back to the second Mississippi post later on this weekend. So Tuesday’s major news was that the Florida Department […]

A few words about our much maligned Fathers

I should have some kind of witty or profound thing to say on the occasion of Father’s day, but I don’t. These are just a few disjointed thoughts jotted down. (Consider these almost vignettes or morsels to chew on as part of a broader thought process.) Whether warranted or not, Fathers are often a maligned […]

Adoption in relation to Abortion provision, notes on clinics that embrace adoption marketing

The below is my comment on the New York Times article, Campaigning for Common Ground in Abortion Debate. Where to start? The fact that women’s autonomy and freedom must not be up for “debate” perhaps? The article itself starts off with the false notion that many clinics that offer abortion services don’t ALREADY mention adoption […]

New Jersey SCS1406 (A1406/S799) ACTION ALERT and update

On Monday the New Jersey Assembly’s Human Services Committee heard testimony on A1406 (The Assembly’s version of the New Jersey Senate’s S799.) The bill has become a mangled beyond repair attempt at what was originally intended to be open records legislation. At this point the two bills have been combined and are now known as […]

Belated High Praise for the NaBloPoMo truly *DAILY* Bastardette!

This is one of those posts that’s been on the back burner brewing here for a bit. I’ve known Marley/Bastardette for a number of years now and I find I always come away from time spent with her having learned something. It may be  something deeply nuanced in relation to the intricacies of adoption policy […]

Adoption as a modern Feminist institutional blindspot

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. Bitch Magazine* saw fit to include a commentary criticizing the industry from a Feminist perspective, written by adoptive mother Dawn Friedman. See “Adopt-ation: A feminist take on the state of the adoption industry.” Marley/Bastardette has written her own blog post, ADOPTION IS A FEMINIST ISSUE: DAWN FRIEDMAN TAKES […]

Feminist Bastards and adult adoptees writing adoption and reproductive autonomy

Regular readers here will recognize my own ongoing writings concerning the intersections of race, poverty, fertility and lack thereof, and adoption and international adoption, (from my own radical, or “to the root,” feminist perspective.) Unlike the landscape even a decade ago, we are seeing more feminists willing to explore some of those intersections, examining them […]

On so called ‘the primal wound’: “personal problems” vs. political solutions

These are two posts I originally wrote over on in response to a thread about Nancy Verrier’s books; “The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child” and “Coming Home to Self: The Adopted Child Grows Up”. I’ve moved the two posts over here as they cover far more ground than merely Verrier’s posited ‘damage’ Bastards […]