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Missouri and Rhode Island both pass unclean bills

By way of just a brief post on two events of vast significance- Missouri SB  351 and Rhode Island S 0478 SUBSTITUTE A have both been signed into law by their respective states’ Governors. Personally, I view both as unclean bills, (others disagree with me about Rhode Island, viewing the age restriction as not “leaving […]

Missouri HB 351: Bastard Nation Submitted Testimony – OPPOSE

Bastard Nation’s Testimony in Opposition to Missouri HB 351, posted yesterday: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Missouri HB 351: Bastard Nation Submitted Testimony – OPPOSE Tuesday, the Missouri Senate Health, Mental Health, Seniors, and Families Committee held a hearing on it’s greatly flawed SB 351. (text, status/history) Bastard Nation, through our long-time member Carla McBrine as […]

Andrea Curry-Demus: Hypernatalist Obsession, more articles and the psychology of ‘why’

(As this is an evolving story, I strongly urge readers to explore my previous coverage via my Andrea Curry-Demus tag, read from the bottom up in order read along chronologically, oldest to newest.) In light of new details about her time spent in jail (see below) I’ve modified my backgrounder introduction paragraph that I’m adding […]