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The Great Germantown, Maryland Earthquakes of ‘10, Think of the Children! (part 2)

(A continuation of my parody from part 1, about the adoption related aftermath of the worst earthquakes to strike Maryland in 252 years.) <sarcasm> <parody> Day 7 As the first week after the quakes came to a close, America’s most important disaster relief workers, adoption agencies, shifted into high gear. 80 young survivors were loaded […]

Juno 2: a Screenplay

A Screenplay: Juno 2 ******************* [As credits roll] Images of “baby’s scrapbook.” The book opens and inside we see, neat little photo corners holding hand lettered cards each dated month by month. As the pages turn we see letters from June, July, August, September. Scene 1 [Camera focuses on a mail slot in a front […]