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Patty Bigbee baby seller extraordinaire; but wait, it gets weirder, there’s more

This one’s almost too convoluted to even try to blog.

I’m not even going to attempt to summarize it as this case is ALL about the details. So instead see,

FDLE: Grandma in baby-sale case wanted to cheat daughter


Mom also arrested in baby-selling plot

as but two of the many articles, news reports, and by now mountain of international coverage one could try to use as a starting place.

This is one of those cases where you read a few paragraphs and then have to insert “but wait, it gets weirder,there’s more” only to read down a few paragraphs further, and have to say it all over again.

But wait, it gets weirder, there’s more,

Skiver, who said she had a happy childhood with her adoptive parents, said she is taking steps now to try to adopt the baby boy, who is in state custody.

Apparently undeterred by the attempted baby sale in the midst of all this, Skiver still wants what she wanted from the outset, to adopt the kid.

But wait, it gets weirder, there’s more

She said she grew up knowing the story of her own adoption as told by her parents. Skiver said Bigbee overheard her adoptive mother lamenting in a cafe that she could not have more children. An hour later, Skiver said, Bigbee showed up at her adoptive mother’s workplace with infant Skiver in tow and said, “Here, you want a baby? Have mine.”

During the course of the nine months it took to finalize the adoption, Skiver said, Bigbee pressured her adoptive parents for money and got a total of about $30,000 from them.

“She would show up at their house, at their work. If you don’t give me more money, you know, I need to buy a car,” Skiver said on the radio show. “They were scared to death she would take me back.”

But wait, it gets weirder, there’s more

Skiver said Bigbee was pregnant with another child by the time the adoption was finalized. She said she knows she has a brother through Bigbee, but doesn’t know where he is.


Just set up your google alerts and pop some popcorn.

It only gets weirder from here.

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