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Follow up on Romania: a video segment featuring Roelie Post’s work against the industry’s latest attempt to reopen adoptions

Just a short post this morning.

By way of a follow up on my post from late last month, Amici dei Bambini petition denied, Romanian adoptions to remain closed, I wanted to draw attention to this video posted in my comments.

It focuses upon the ongoing efforts by Roelie Post of Against Child Trafficking to oppose agency pressures to reopen Romanian adoptions. Roelie Post is the author of  “Romania for Export Only: The Untold Story of the Romanian Orphans” based upon her previous work with the European Commission in Romania.

As I mentioned in my comments section, it can be somewhat difficult to find resources pertaining to the adoption lobby pressuring EU countries in English to share with the American portions of my readership. While this was originally broadcast on German TV, it has been subtitled in English.

American Bastards need to understand that while the U.S. government and American adoption lobbies are important portions of the problem, there are additional forces pushing for, if not outright demanding export access far beyond American borders. The Global industry needs to be understood if one is going to tackle the issue of inter-country adoptions.

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