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Adopted peoples’ voices on the Haitian baby exports

There’s so much important reading on the Haitian situation, but I wanted to spotlight this post in particular from “Outlandish Remarks: a queer korean adoptee talks back,”

Whites Make Pact with God, Expedite Haitian Adoptions

I’d end up quoting the whole post, so just go read it instead.

Nope, on second thought, here’s just a taste:

I mean, take a step back, white people! Maybe I’m the one being melodramatic now, but why is the world of international adoption so completely effed that the significance of someone’s death can be reduced to the obstacle it poses to white adoptive parents getting what they want; and why is the collapse of buildings where important adoption documents are kept considered a tragedy, not for the city or its people, specifically the adoptees, or most especially the people who were actually inside the building when it fell, but for the hundreds of “waiting” parents who will have to wait longer now?

And just what is all this focus on the tragic plight of white adoptive parents covering up? What it usually does: a history of U.S. military invasion and occupation, U.S.-backed dictatorships, and neoliberal policies, to name a few. In other words, the very same economic, political, and military interventions that adoptees of color everywhere are intimately familiar with, because they are what created us.

These are the words I think a lot of us, in our anger and frustration have been trying to find, and unable to get to.

(My skin’s some version of pinkish-“white” so clearly, barring further knowledge of my State-confiscated ancestry, some of this is pretty obviously not for me to say in “first person voice”.)

The scope of not only what’s happened and is happening to Haiti and the disgust we feel relating to what that context is being utilized for now is simply more than we can express.

But these two paragraphs are some of the closest I’ve seen yet.


I also wanted to point readers across to United Adoptees International- news they’ve been doing some excellent coverage, just read back through their Haitian coverage.

Naturally there are plenty of other Bastards and adoptee speaking out from their own perspctives about the Haitian baby export schemes, wander through my blogroll, looking over the past week’s posts and you’ll find a number of us have somehow managed to get at least the beginnings of words around our outrage and sorrow.

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2 Responses to “Adopted peoples’ voices on the Haitian baby exports”

  1. mermaid Says:

    Thanks, BLC. That Korean adoptee blog is excellent and says what needs saying. You and Marley and a few others are doing a great job of staying on top of the situation in Haiti.

  2. Baby Love Child Says:

    Thanks Mermaid.

    Actually, I wish I was doing better job of “staying on top of the situation” it’s simply too overwhelming and massive to really write right now.

    The encouragement and support from folks both here and more privately, has been very kind.

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