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News- Vancouver Sun piece on stolen children from the late 60’s

A recent excellent piece from the (Canadian) Vancouver Sun on some of the tactics used to ensure womyn would not search; tell them the infant died, then put it up for adoption.

The other angle on this, and one of the many fairy tales Bastards are commonly told to prevent us from searching are the stories about how ‘your birthfamily died’ be it of ‘cancer’, ‘in childbirth’ (oh now THERE’S a guaranteed guilt producer!) in a ‘car crash’, ‘airplane crash’, or my personal favourite of the genre- the rare but oh so special ‘train wreck’.

Yeah, whatever it takes to maintain that ‘forever family’… .

Good thing adoption is so strong a ‘civil institution’ that hospitals, agencies, etc would NEVER have to resort to lies or underhanded schemes to obtain said kids, right?


Anyone still believing that one, I think I’ve got some Enron stock to sell you, along with a certain bridge in Brooklyn.

Adoptees claim they lost their biological parents through underhanded methods

Duncan Thorne, Canwest News Service

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2008

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