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News- Vancouver Sun piece on stolen children from the late 60’s

A recent excellent piece from the (Canadian) Vancouver Sun on some of the tactics used to ensure womyn would not search; tell them the infant died, then put it up for adoption.

The other angle on this, and one of the many fairy tales Bastards are commonly told to prevent us from searching are the stories about how ‘your birthfamily died’ be it of ‘cancer’, ‘in childbirth’ (oh now THERE’S a guaranteed guilt producer!) in a ‘car crash’, ‘airplane crash’, or my personal favourite of the genre- the rare but oh so special ‘train wreck’.

Yeah, whatever it takes to maintain that ‘forever family’… .

Good thing adoption is so strong a ‘civil institution’ that hospitals, agencies, etc would NEVER have to resort to lies or underhanded schemes to obtain said kids, right?


Anyone still believing that one, I think I’ve got some Enron stock to sell you, along with a certain bridge in Brooklyn.

Adoptees claim they lost their biological parents through underhanded methods

Duncan Thorne, Canwest News Service

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2008

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  1. Marley Greiner Says:

    These dead baby stories are rampant in adoption and not limited to the US or Canada. (I know of one case in Ohio where a mother was told her baby died. The mother’s own mother talked hospital and welfare officials into telling this story so the baby would be adopted with no muss/no fuss. Boy, was she surprised when her dead daughter found her!) The Greek government practiced child trafficking for decades, mainly telling poor Greek families that their child had died, but offering no death certificate or other proof. There are also the unrersolved cases of Yeminite Jewish babies who “died” in Israel. And, the Magdaliene Laundries. And in Artentina, of course. , the government just went ahead and killed dissident mothers and gave their babies with government lapdogs. A few days ago I posted a new article about Argentina on Adoptee Rights News Blog

  2. Marley Greiner Says:

    Here’s some links to child trafficking by false death reports.


    ARGENTINA: Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (Spanish–can be translated by Google)

    GREECE: SEASYP (English version)
    SEASYP MySpace

    IRELAND – Adoption Ireland

    The Missing Yeminite Babies
    Sustantial bibliography on scandal

    New York Times: The Babies from Yemen–An Enduring Mystery

    BNJ News
    Isreal to set up denetic database after adoption scandal

    The Yeminite Babies: A mystery that defies solution
    This also has linksk to other articles

    AdoptionPledge2unite has some interesting videos on child trafficking and oe speficifically on Greece

  3. Baby Love Child Says:


    Once again, you have up your sleeve a vast selection of citations. Again you do my homework for me, D’oh!

    Luv you for it!

    Go girl go!

    Here and I was half-assed blogging just a little news story. Thank you.

    In case it’s not obvious from my cynicism in the original post- no, single news stories like the one I was pointing at rarely represent ‘a story unto themselves’, they tend to merely be parts of larger patterns when it comes to adoption as Marley so clearly demonstrates.

  4. Mary Says:

    As an adult adoptee who is one of those “dead babies” (TX 1965). I am saddened as more of these stories come to light, but they do validate my mother’s experience. I can point these out to those who say my mother “made it up” or is saying that because she cant admit that she “gave a baby up” etc.

  5. Dee Says:

    I was adopted from Greece in 1961. i was 6 months old and wasn’t told until i was 13. My adoptive mother told me my parents died in a car crash.. Also i was given the ammended birth certificate with my adoptive parents name on it

    When i was 29 i found my adoption papers and soon after got my real birth certificate which didn’t help me much. it had my real mothers name on it. I wasn’t named at all and i have had no Luck finding her. I believe my adoptive parents must have paid a premium to adopt me because they coudn’t adopt in the USA. there was a Lawyer involved who used to do a lot of these i found out later, It had to be blackmarket or underhanded in some way

    Because no one in their right mind would have turned me over to these 2 mentally ill people who raised me


    my mother born in Greece a son in 11/12/1961 (real birth certificate) and the doctors said after 4 days that the child died but they never gave to her the dead baby or a death paper. after years we found out that many children born in Greece (Patra) were adopted from Amerikan citizens. since then we are looking for him.

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