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Texas: Bastard Nation Testimony in Opposition to SB 287

Bastard Nation‘s Testimony in Opposition to Texas SB 287, posted yesterday to the BN blog: Monday, March 21, 2011 Texas: Bastard Nation Testimony in Opposition to SB 287 Tomorrow the Texas Senate Jurisprudence Committee will hold a hearing on SB 287, the newest attempt by legislators to torture that state’s Class Bastard. There are more […]

Texas Action Alert- calls and letters needed ASAP! Oppose SB 499/HB 4470

See the Bastard Nation Action Alert- BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT– NO ON TEXAS: SB 499/HB 4470 for details. Texas Action Alert- Emergency Texas Senate Bill 499 & Companion House Bill 4470 We have an emergency in the Texas State Legislature. Probably one of the worst combination of so-called “adoptee rights bills” in history are on […]

Listen to the words of a 14 year-old pregnant Nebraska girl legally abandoned

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag. *** Nine years ago the first of the dump laws, then called “Baby Moses Laws” passed in Texas, signed into law by then Governor George W. Bush. […]

*UPDATED* Abrazo revised fundraising dates, Abrazo related personnel were at the ARD, and Gershom’s comment on such

(Update below.) Sometimes actions speak louder than words. The Adoptee Rights Demonstration had a “group” of Abrazo related personnel at it according to Gershom. She has written about how they shared a meal together after the demonstration at the convention center. In her post The Protest part 2, Gerhsom stated the following: I was at […]

Adoptee Rights Demonstration / Day for Adoptee Rights some history and Gershom’s “storm”

(This does not purport to be THE history by any means, but it does serve as a backgrounder on some of its roots. I’ll warn readers in advance, this is long, very long, even by my standards, but I’ve been at it awhile. The material and the history demands it.) Consider this babystep towards writing […]

News- Texas Loses Court Ruling Over Taking of Children

From the New York Times piece- Texas Loses Court Ruling Over Taking of Children HOUSTON — Bringing polygamist families closer to regaining custody of their children, a divided Supreme Court of Texas agreed Thursday that the state had illegally seized 468 girls and boys from a West Texas ranch last month on unproven grounds of […]