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ACTION ALERT- Illinois HB 5428 is *NOT* an open records/adoptee rights bill- make calls NOW!

Very quick little update tonight. Yesterday was the hearing in the Judiciary Committee. The Committee voted it out to the floor by a vote of 6 to 3. According to the General Assembly bill status website (updated infrequently,) the bill has been “Placed on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading April 15, 2010.” (Bills require 3 […]

A Baby Love Child ACTION ALERT on Illinois HB 5428, next hearing Tues. 13 April

There are several potentially incredibly damaging pieces of legislation moving through multiple states right now. They would affect both adopted people and our families of origin. Illinois’ HB 5428 is but one of several, but an important one, capable of tremendous damage, running as best it can by and large under the radar. Since I […]

Stunning news around adoptionland

Two earth-shattering pieces of news today: 1.  Four girls who had been kidnapped in Guatemala and adopted by American families now living in the U.S.  have had their adoptions annulled. A judge in Arkansas ordered all four were to be returned to their mothers and family members back home who had fought for their return […]

ACTION ALERT- ILLINOIS BILL – HB 5428, Contact State Senators TODAY, ask them to vote “No”!

Illinois HB 5428 is scheduled to reach the state Senate tomorrow, Tuesday March 23  where it will be awaiting committee assignment and assigned a Senate bill number. Please contact Illinois state Senators ASAP to urge them to vote “NO” on this destructive, anti-adoptee bill. HB 5428 is being marketed as a bill that would give […]

Chicago- 3 year old boy dumped, by aunt called up for military service

By means of trying to get caught up on some of the stories that have happened while the Haitian mess has been unfolding, see Woman abandons boy at firehouse from back on February 9th: A woman who abandoned her alleged 3-year-old nephew at a firehouse Monday night, told firefighters there she was in the military […]

Vital Readings in Bastard History: The Black Market, Sealed Records, and the role of the 1945 Illinois Adoption Act

Bastard Grannie Annie has been researching sealed records history in Illinois and how such merely provided a new mechanism for continuing Illinois’ long and ugly history of black market adoptions. Her blog post is an important brief overview of some of the IL history, and a vital backgrounder. Black Market, 1945 Illinois Adoption Act & […]

Three Days for Three Daughters- Day 3- Arlene Escarleth Lopez

(Each of these three days entries should be viewed within the broader context I’ve been describing here for some time now. Please explore my Guatemala tag for further details on the previous hunger strike pertaining to these girl’s cases as well as its outcome, and my previous entry on the Three Days for Three Daughters […]

Adoptee Rights Demonstration / Day for Adoptee Rights some history and Gershom’s “storm”

(This does not purport to be THE history by any means, but it does serve as a backgrounder on some of its roots. I’ll warn readers in advance, this is long, very long, even by my standards, but I’ve been at it awhile. The material and the history demands it.) Consider this babystep towards writing […]

Andrea Curry-Demus: Hypernatalist Obsession, more articles and the psychology of ‘why’

(As this is an evolving story, I strongly urge readers to explore my previous coverage via my Andrea Curry-Demus tag, read from the bottom up in order read along chronologically, oldest to newest.) In light of new details about her time spent in jail (see below) I’ve modified my backgrounder introduction paragraph that I’m adding […]

Still time to act on IL HB 4623, OH substitute HB 7 (LSC 127 0671-3,) OH HB 485 & OH SB 304, and more!

I know folks are searching for the current status of all these bills, I’ve been meaning to get to blog entries on all of ’em so here’s one big post for all of ’em plus by way of bonus, further blog reading on IL’s Confidential Intermediary disaster. Let’s start by saying I oppose every single […]