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How’s that Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption workin’ out for you then?

Yeah, not so swell. Yesterday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune ran an article focusing on the adoptive family’s end of an adoption of two girls from India, an adoption rooted firmly in lies. The girls were the second and third adoptions Maria Melichar and her husband Carl had done through the agency. Minnesota couple caught up in apparent […]

News- Vietnam, “Lawmakers back bid to join Hague adoption convention”

With the existing inter-country agreement between US and Vietnam set to expire Sept. 1rst, Vietnam is looking toward possibly restructuring future adoptions under the Hague convention. (This is also the solution many lawmakers in Washington propose. I’ll go into more detail on that end in a separate later post.) This Thanh Nien article from last […]

Adoption is absolutely a Feminist “issue”/an “issue” Feminists must face

In response to a post at Feministe, Adoption as a Feminist Issue, I threw in my .02 worth: (As there was a request to limit the number of links in replies, the version of the below on Feministe contains only 3 links, this represents a vastly expanded version with citations for my readership.) I’ve actually […]

Russia and the U.S. about to enter into next round of bilateral adoption talks

Russia and the United States are about to enter into their next round of talks aimed at drafting a bilateral adoption agreement in early December. See Russia, U.S. to discuss child adoption deal Dec. 1-3 “There is reason to hope that the negotiations will help deal with the remaining issues and ensure the early signing […]

More important reads from this week’s #NAdoptAM blogshelf

As I promised, a few of my posts this month will be used to point to other blogger’s important work . Tonight’s post will be brief, but the links herein will all be well worth your time. 1. For starters, Kerry at Niels over on Pound Pup Legacy have written one of the more important […]

Your “orphans” aren’t; the rise of the “orphan” industry based on a lie

November is the time of year when Bastards and (original) Families get it with both barrels. Those who prefer the “adoption” language take up every square inch of media real estate with National Adoption Month. (What began with a focus on foster kids and has shifted towards the adoption industry’s marketing of infant adoptions) and […]

Welcome to India President Obama. NOW, can we finally talk adoptee deportations?

Meet Jennifer Haynes, born in India, she was  adopted at age 7 by an American, Edward Hancox. She was brought to the United States by two unknown adults who accompanied her on the overseas flight. At the time of the adoption, the agency that handled her case Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA) failed […]

Outflow- the United States as an adoption “sending country,” (while adoption imports near 6 year low)

The adoption industry has such quaint terminology for the import and export of children via adoption. Countries that primarily export children are labeled “sending countries.” Whereas countries where importing is the predominant mode are labeled “receiving countries.” The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University has done a wonderful interactive map visually explaining such. […]

Haitian child trafficking to the Dominican Republic- “the trafficking of minors has skyrocketed”

The Miami Herald has done an important investigative series concerning the ease with which Haitian children have been smuggled across the border into the Dominican Republic in the wake of the earthquake. While the reports focus on the porous border in terms of child trafficking for purposes of house slave or shoe shine boy labor, […]

Disappearing Adoptee rights in India, now you see ’em, now you don’t

Back in mid-August adoptees had a partial victory that we had hoped might lead to genuine structural changes, see my post Massive (partial) victory for adoptees from India and their human rights! As I wrote at the time, referring to Arun Dohle’s efforts to gain his adoption file: ….when it comes to establishing the absolute […]