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Jumpin’ the gun on South Dakota

Whatever the blogging and legislative equivalent of premature ejaculation is, we appear to have plenty of examples of it clogging the adopt-o-blog-o-sphere at the moment.

Instead of waiting patiently as the saga of the South Dakota open records bills play out, the past 48 hours have seen more than their due share of abject stupidity, along the lines of this from Kali/”Gershom‘s” blog, pointing to Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change (AAAFC) message board:

I heart South Dakota and bill 153

Well the news broke in this thread thanks to Cathy OBC for Me that South Dakota is now…another free state. That makes 7, yes 7 states of the 50 United States that are now free states honoring rights to adoptees and their unconditional access to their original birth certificates.

which would indeed be good news, if it was true.

Unfortunately, the South Dakota process has not reached a compromise and no bill has been signed by the Governor.

“Gershom” (who still has not addressed the outstanding issue of where the finances from the first adoptee rights demonstration last year in New Orleans went) and her Adoptee Rights Demonstration (ARD) and AAAFC buddies have had no qualms about being butt-inskys into South Dakota (even while pointing at Bastards such as myself, who know damn well when to hold my tongue, as doing “more damage than good.”) Quoting her delusional blog entry again:

Something else you may notice is South Dakota kept very quiet about this bill. Something to be said for groups trying to pass their bills in their own states. Perhaps to keep the media out of it, perhaps to keep the opponents out, and I think something also very likely is to keep other adoptee rights groups out of it. I know from personal experience some Bastards do more damage than good.

Ironic that.

Why yes, yes, it HAD been very quiet, until certain online adoptees (a la AAAFCers) began flailing at it mile a minute.

Of course I’ve been paying close attention to S.D., but that hardly means I’m going be obtrusive about it or gloat about some completely non-existent victory long before it’s won.

Among the ‘usual suspects’ we’ve also seen posts the likes of this from Amy,


Congratulations to South Dakota Adoptees!!! You did it. It is amazing how you guys did it. We in the adoption community are thrilled for you. We are all partying with you right now. Just one more step and we got it made. Please Governor Mike Rounds sign this bill. Treat South Dakota Adoptees as American citizens. South Dakota makes it the 7th state in the United States to treat adoptees as fully recognized American citizens.

Despite her “tense” issues, she did at least bother to note, in her own broken blogging sort of way that no, Governor Rounds had not signed it yet. She missed the conference committee step in which the S.D. House and Senate bills differing versions would have to be hammered out, but then civics doesn’t appear to be any of these bloggers strong suit.

For those “activists” in need of a refresher course, perhaps a brief musical interlude is in order (sure this is the Federal example, but the State version isn’t all that different:)

They would well to get their facts straight prior to sitting down to the keyboard.

As for us Bastard activists?

Yeah. Still working for adopted people’s authentic access, you know, the kind of bills Governors have actually signed.

3 Responses to “Jumpin’ the gun on South Dakota”

  1. antiprincess Says:

    what a dork that Gershom is.
    (does saying that violate your terms of service?)

  2. Baby Love Child Says:

    (does saying that violate your terms of service?)

    Not by a long shot. (See my WTF page for my comment and obscenity policies.)

    “Dork” is perhaps far too gentle, considering she basically just wrote a branch of the South Dakota government out of existence, WHILE the legislation was still active no less.

    Yeah, let’s just say her actions certainly fall somewhere under my definition of an “obscenity.”

    But hey, those aren’t HER records she was potentially fucking with, so like she cares…?

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